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Election News Briefs for September 23, 2008

» New York Times blogger Steven Heller has asked several artists how they caricature the vice president candidates. » Jen Sorenson, one of the few editorial cartoonists that covered the Democratic convention in person, is still blogging the election for her alt-weekly paper. » Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher will discuss cartooning, campaigning and elections at the […]

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Speaking Out: News Briefs for September 23, 2008

Mike Lynch was on Mr. Media last Friday. Download or streaming audio is now available. Dave Astor was on Ray Hanania’s show. Can’t find any audio for it, but here’s E&P’s announcement. Hector Cantu, the co-creator of “Baldo,” will be the guest lecturer at Cleveland State University’s “Cultural Crossings” lecture series on Wednesday, Oct. 15. […]

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Mark Fiore wins online news award

Mark Fiore, one of the first editorial cartoonists to go exclusively to editorial animations has been awarded the Online News Association award for online commentary. According to E&P, he’s won the award before, but this time it was for recognition for his The former newspaper cartoonist received the ONA prize before, but “the difference […]

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International News Briefs: September 23, 2008

» The fallout over Jonathan Sapiro‘s (Zapiro) cartoon is still in motion. This article in Afrol News mentions the death threats he’s received including a veiled one from Party Youth League president Julius Malema. » Kurt Westergaard was a surprise speaker at this year’s Danish People’s Party’s convention. He spoke on freedom of speech and […]

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Cagle: editorial animation not the future

Daryl Cagle, editorial cartoonist for MSNBC, and owner of Cagle Toons has posted a response to the oft asked “What is the future of editorial cartooning?” He writes that animated cartoons are what cartoonists “hope will happen,” but that in his experience with his syndicate company he sees “no trend for web customers to be […]

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Tom Richmond: Don’t give it away

Mad Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond has posted an excellent on the dangers of giving away one’s artwork without compensation. The interview is done in a response to a video interview with Sci-Fi writer Harlan Ellison. The point he is making is twofold. First, that professionals should not give away their work. Almost anybody who markets […]

Posted on: Sep 19, 2008,  Section: Cartoons, Illustration, Comments: 12 Comments

The Lynn Johnston tells all interview

The Peterborough Examiner has the most detailed interview with Lynn Johnston about her personal life and how it impacted her decision not to retire her For Better or For Worse comic strip. In the report we learn how she learned of her husband’s affair, his leaving, that he took all their money as well. I […]

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News Briefs for September 18, 2008

» Editorial cartoonist Clay Bennett was on Blog Talk Radio with Mr. Media. (Direct mp3 download or pop-out in new browser window) » Arctic Circle creator Alex Hallatt was interviewed on Comics Coast to Coast. » In an effort to save Superman’s home (or at least the boyhood home of Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel) several […]

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Time magazine to launch political cartoon page

Time magazine is launching a new feature called “The Drawing Room” that will feature original political cartoons. E&P reports that while the feature will be a regular in print and on the web it is uncertain at the moment if current newspaper cartoonists will be contributing to the page.

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See the Bizarro toon that didn’t run in papers

Bizarro creator Dan Piraro has posted a cartoon that he describes as a “great joke” that was perhaps “too racy for the funny pages” over on his blog. Speaking of all things Dan, he’s also posted a video of a portion of his stage performance that he does from time to time, like the one […]

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Ted Rall posts first animated editorial cartoon

Ted Rall has posted his first foray into animated editorial cartooning with a near four minute short depicting a would be President Barack Obama’s first day in office. Ted wrote, drew and designed the characters for “President Obama’s First Day.” The animation was done by David Essman a student at the School of the Art […]

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Oliphant cartoon creating stir among Christians

A recent editorial cartoon by Pat Oliphant regarding Vice President-nominee Sarah Palin has created a stir within the Christian community among those who felt that it lampooned the Pentecostal faith. The cartoon in question depicts Palin speaking in tongues and God responding, “Peter, what’s wrong with this phone? All I can hear is some dam’ […]

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Ted Rall: Why Political Cartoons Matter

As his first act as president of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists, Ted Rall has written a column that appeared in Alt Weekly about the importance of a professional class of editorial cartoonists. Imagine a world without professional journalists — only bloggers. The news would lose its credibility and thus its relevance. The results […]

Posted on: Sep 17, 2008,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Comments: 51 Comments

Clear Blue Water ends in print, continues on web

E&P is reporting that Karen Montague-Reyes” Clear Blue Water will no longer be syndicated through Universal Press after September, but will continue on as a webcomic. From E&P: Montague-Reyes told E&P the timing of her print comic’s end “was not my decision, but there is something to be said for having a difficult and inevitable […]

Posted on: Sep 16, 2008,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 12 Comments

Museum opens exhibit of 31 editorial cartoonists

The Brevard Art Museum in Melbourne FL will open a large exhibit of original editorial cartoon art this Thursday. Cartoonists Jeff Parker, Ed Hall, Dana Summers and Doug MacGregor will be on during the opening reception. Doug will be the featured speaker for a free cartoon lecture for the afternoon of the opening. In addition […]

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