International News Briefs: September 23, 2008

» The fallout over Jonathan Sapiro‘s (Zapiro) cartoon is still in motion. This article in Afrol News mentions the death threats he’s received including a veiled one from Party Youth League president Julius Malema.

» Kurt Westergaard was a surprise speaker at this year’s Danish People’s Party’s convention. He spoke on freedom of speech and his experience of living life on the run. His paper criticized his appearance on the grounds that it “jeopardized the newspaper’s nonpartisan policy” to which Kurt “agreed and not make the mistake again.”

» The Iraqi Parliament has condemned a magazine cartoon depicting a female suicide bomber as the Statue of Liberty as an “Insult to Muslim Women.” They’ve voted to sue the magazine for defamation. The Iraqi Constitution does grant freedom of expression.

» Russians prosecutors are filing a motion to ban “South Park” on the grounds that it “bore signs of extremist activity.

» Haibo Wang, an internationally acclaimed cartoonist from China was forced to leave his homeland before the Olympics to avoid an intense round up of “‘enemies to CCCP’ and ‘threats to society.'” He had previously been and jailed for his work Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party which was published in 2004 and inspired over 42 million Chinese people to quite the CCCP. He has since settled in New York City.