Election News Briefs for September 23, 2008

» New York Times blogger Steven Heller has asked several artists how they caricature the vice president candidates.

» Jen Sorenson, one of the few editorial cartoonists that covered the Democratic convention in person, is still blogging the election for her alt-weekly paper.

» Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher will discuss cartooning, campaigning and elections at the Congress Centre in London on October 2.

» Wisconsin editorial cartoonists Phil Hands (Wisconsin State Journal), Joe Heller (Green Bay Press Gazette), Stuart Carlson (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), and Brian Strassburg (Isthmus) will talk about their work tomorrow evening at the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences arts and letters.

One thought on “Election News Briefs for September 23, 2008

  1. I think a great political cartoon of Palin would be of her sitting in a high chair, with her hair and glasses but but looking like a baby, and McCain is spoon-feeding her cereal from a box called DIRTY POLITICS NUGGETS or REAGANOMICS (something like that) but there is an expiration date that’s past due on the box. She is spewing words and phrases such as ‘ALSO’ ‘bad Obama’ ‘though’ etc, etc, and he’s saying ‘good girl, Sarah.’

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