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See the Bizarro toon that didn’t run in papers

Bizarro creator Dan Piraro has posted a cartoon that he describes as a “great joke” that was perhaps “too racy for the funny pages” over on his blog.

Speaking of all things Dan, he’s also posted a video of a portion of his stage performance that he does from time to time, like the one he’ll do this Saturday at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with musical guest Nellie McKay.

Community Comments

#1 Larry Leviine
@ 11:22 am

Typo Alert: It’s ‘Bizarro’ (my good deed for the day)

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 11:28 am

Isn’t your last name Levine not Leviine? Thanks for catching that. Seriously, I’m always goofing on spelling of “Bizarro” and Piraro – can’t keep it straight as to which one has the double “r.”

#3 Larry LEVINE
@ 12:23 pm


#4 Mike Witmer
@ 10:16 am

Yeah, that strip definitely would’ve raised a few blue hairs

#5 Monty Rohde
@ 6:17 pm

It uses curse words and refers to genitals but honestly its a harmless idea.

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