Clear Blue Water ends in print, continues on web

E&P is reporting that Karen Montague-Reyes” Clear Blue Water will no longer be syndicated through Universal Press after September, but will continue on as a webcomic.

From E&P:

Montague-Reyes told E&P the timing of her print comic’s end “was not my decision, but there is something to be said for having a difficult and inevitable decision made for you.” The cartoonist added that she’ll miss working with Universal people, “especially my editor, Sue Roush.”

As for the webcomic, the site is currently under construction. “I love cartooning — and my strip, for me, was never about the money,” said the “Clear Blue Water” creator, in explaining why she’s continuing. “Hopefully, my fans will stay tuned.”

12 thoughts on “Clear Blue Water ends in print, continues on web

  1. That’s really depressing new! Clear Blue Water has quickly become one of my favorite strips to read, because of its realism and the way it reflects life. She didn’t pull punches and the strip was always a great read…glad that she’ll continue it though.

  2. I’ve been reading CBW since the beginning and really enjoy it. It’s a more intelligent alternative to FOOB.

    I’m glad it will continue on the web, but I wish it had been given more of a chance in the papers.

  3. I’ve been lucky enough over the past few years to get to know karen via email(we met at Toon Talk) and I can tell you that she’s one of the nicest people that I’ve met online, especially among the few syndicated peeps that I’ve met. I really love her writing and she’s worked hard to improve her art over the years. I think CBW will do very well online, especially if she blogs and interacts with her readers like she used to at Toon Talk.

    All the best to Karen!

    And Einar’s not a bad character, either!

  4. What a shame, I will miss this family. I have an autistic niece and I have really enjoyed Karen’s take on this condition. I will look forward to her web site going live, but whoi knows whats next…

    Good luck Karen, kiss the kids goodnight.

  5. What shame, good luck Karen. I’ll miss your take on autism, I ahve an autistic niece and your point of view really helped.

    Good lick and kiss the kids goodnight.

  6. I miss you already, I have enjoyed your comic for a while now, for personal and for enjoyment value. Miss you already

  7. omg I totally love this strip and the characters. It is one of the two I look for first before even reading the news! I wish Karen all the best and hurry up and get the website going!!! Aija

  8. I hope that by sending a comment you can email me when the story continues. I saw much of my own family dynamics reflected in Clear Blue Water.

  9. I’m so sad to see this strip end syndication. We don’t get it in our local paper so I had it on my home page. Just figured out it stopped when the strip didn’t change. Hope the web site comes up soon–I miss these guys too! Keep the faith, Karen. Look forward to seeing more of your work!

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