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Plush Pooch Cafe Poncho set for worldwide travel

Paul Gilligan, creator of Pooch Cafe, is creating a plush version of his Poncho character to send around the world to fans who will take a picture of the stuffed pooch to be posted on his blog before sending the toy onto another fan somewhere else in the world. He’s posted photos of the creation […]

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News Briefs for September 16, 2008

» Lynda Berry will be in San Francisco this Thursday at Booksmith to promote her book “What it is.” She then moves onto Washington D.C., New York, Wisconsin, Toronto, Montreal, Portland and L.A. Drawn and Quartered has links to many of those events. » Clay Bennett is this week’s guest on Mr. Media today at […]

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Stacy Curtis latest book: 7 Habits for Happy Kids (Updated)

Stacy Curtis’ seventh book that he’s illustrated that has been released this year is hitting bookshelves. This latest book, “The 7 Habits for Happy Kids”, is written by Sean Covey, son of Stephen R. Covey and contains over 150 illustrations. You can see some of the artwork over on Stacy’s blog and you can see […]

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News Briefs for September 15, 2008

» Matt Davies returns home to Westport CT to speak. He calls himself, “the only redheaded, English-accented graduate from Staples High School to win a Pulitzer prize.” » The Washington Times has picked up Charlos Gary – as a new employee. Congrats to Charlos. » Bo Nanas creator John Kovaleski is now a blogger. » […]

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Toby Robot Satan moves to new web site

Corey Pandolph’s Toby Robot Satan has its own web site and appears in print in the New York City and/or Boston metro news publication. By posting this announcement, I’ve escaped eternal damnation. I think.

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More comic page changes

The Berkshire Eagle has replaced Pearls Before Swine with For Better or For Worse. Money quote from Stephan Pastis to the readers: “I like Lynn Johnston, she’s a great cartoonist. Don’t take your anger out on me. Don’t make me go back to the law.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a two-day poll and had […]

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Observations on the Opus ending question

For those who have listened to my interview with Mr. Media where we discussed the possible end of Berkeley Breathed’s Opus or have been reading the comments of an earlier post about Opus, you know that I can only report what Amy Lago at Washington Post Writers Group has told me (thrice now), they have […]

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LA Times: Zapiro hesitated to publish cartoon

The L.A. Times caught up with Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) to talk about his controversial cartoon that ran last Sunday. In the interview, Zapiro is asked what he was trying to say with the cartoon, if he hesitate to publish it (he did) and the reaction from fellow citizens and close friends. When asked what roll […]

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SF Chronicle drops two pages of Sunday comics

The San Francisco Chronicle has dropped their Sunday comic offering from six to four pages resulting in the loss of five features: Mister Boffo, the Fusco Brothers, Brevity, Tokyopop and Sherman’s Lagoon. Additionally, the moved Dilbert to the business section and picked up Darrin Bell’s Candorville. Editors made their decisions with heavy influence on a […]

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Nickelodeon cover to feature Thompson artwork

Richard Thompson, creator of Cul de Sac and Richard’s Poor Almanac has drawn the cover art for the November issue of the comic book section which appears as a regular feature in Nickelodeon Magazine. It hits the newsstands on Oct. 21. Nickelodeon Magazine is a humor and general interest magazine for kids with a circulation […]

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Mike Cope writes “Last of the Funnies”

Mike Cope, a Canadian cartoonist and multimedia designer (also a regular here at The Daily Cartoonist), has written a book called “Last of the Funnies” a project he’s worked on for about a year now. The book’s plot is described as: After a worldwide energy and economic crisis, newspapers have ceased production and nearly every […]

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Stay Tooned! second issue

John Read tells me that the second issue of Stay Tooned! is off to the press and should be mailed out in the next couple of weeks.

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Drawing Power exhibit opens in Waco Texas

A new editorial cartoon exhibit is opening on the campus of Baylor University in Waco, Texas entitled “Drawing Power: Original Editorial Cartoons” next Thursday. The exhibit features over a 100 original cartoon art by 18 different Texas cartoonists. Ben Sargent, Dan Foote, Clyde Peterson, and Bill DeOre will be on hand on the opening reception […]

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News Briefs for September 11, 2008

Due to time constraints here’s a round up of stories (big and small) that I’ve not been able to cover: » Richard Thompson’s Cul de Sac just turned one year old yesterday – at least as a syndicated comic strip. Universal Press has indicated the Richard’s comic is now running in “about 200 newspapers.” The […]

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Borgman tells readers why he’s leaving Enquirer

Jim Borgman shocked the editorial cartooning community when he announced last week that he was taking a buyout and leaving the Cincinnati Enquirer and the editorial cartooning profession. He writes: I don’t know if I’ll miss this precious real estate I’ve enjoyed and the chance to talk about anything on my mind. I do look […]

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