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CSotD: Comforting potions, troublesome notions

Oct 27, 2021 by Mike Peterson

There’s a lot to like in Steve Sack‘s cartoon, which plays upon the recent decision to allow booster shots of whatever is available rather than the specific vaccine you had before. Not only is it a good wrap-up of the major lies being promoted and accepted, but the dizzy, satisfied smile on the face of […]

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Crazy Comics, Silly Strips, Et Cetera

Oct 26, 2021 by D. D. Degg

© King Features Syndicate   Paul Berge noticed that one comic strip had replaced another this weekend. So he went back one more week to see if the replacement was new or happened earlier. What he discovered is that the October 17 comics section had run one comic twice. © respective copyright owners I think […]

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Pro-Michael Leunig, Anti-Cancel Culture

Oct 26, 2021 by D. D. Degg

…The commissars of cancel culture have also gone for cartoons and animations of late, though the reasoning has varied. The cartoonist’s history is filled with grotesque caricature: the blackface Bugs Bunny from 1953 who pretends to be a slave; the same character who ends up, in 1944, on a Pacific island filled with unsympathetically depicted […]

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Happy Birthday to Senior Stripper Larry Lieber

Oct 26, 2021 by D. D. Degg

Happy 90th Birthday to comic book and comic strip cartoonist Larry Lieber! It was the latter half of the 1960s when I became infatuated with Marvel Comics, among the favorites was Larry’s Rawhide Kid. (I still retain an affection for western comics.) Within a few years I gathered quite a few of the early Marvels […]

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CSotD: Foolish Consistencies

Oct 26, 2021 by Mike Peterson

Matt Wuerker (Politico) illustrates the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, that “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” Emerson encouraged inconsistency, recommending that you “Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict […]

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What’s a Sports Cartoonist To Do

Oct 25, 2021 by D. D. Degg

… It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship: Sunday marked their 40th wedding anniversary. They celebrated with dinner at a restaurant attached to the Baltimore Art Museum. They have lived in Baltimore for most of the time since the Courier-Express closed, less than a year after their wedding. Ricig was a sports cartoonist at […]

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Tonight: The 2020/2021 Herblock Prize Virtual Event

Oct 25, 2021 by D. D. Degg

2021 Herblock Prize winner Rob Rogers and 2020 Herblock Prize winner Michael de Adder are part of a live streaming event hosted by The Herblock Foundation in honor of the worthy editorial cartoonists whose work embodies Herb Block’s philosophy and approach. The 7:00 to 8:30 times are Eastern.   © Michael de Adder The judges […]

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CSotD: Blaming the Parental Units

Oct 25, 2021 by Mike Peterson

My first reaction to Michael Rameriz (Creators)‘s cartoon was that I wish he’d posted it yesterday, when I was ranting about violent movies and TV shows, because forbidding your own kids from watching such things doesn’t protect them from the influence of other kids whose parents have no idea what they’re absorbing and passing along […]

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Paper Cuts Cartoonist After Instagram Editoon

Oct 24, 2021 by D. D. Degg

Dateline Australia. Daily Mail: Controversial cartoonist Michael Leunig has been axed from his prime spot in The Age newspaper after a cartoon comparing resistance against mandatory Covid vaccines to the fight for democracy in Tiananmen Square was censored. ‘Apparently, I’m out of touch with the readership,’ Leunig told The Australian’s Media Diary of his sacking from providing […]

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Sunday Funnies Stuff ‘n’ Fluff – updated

Oct 24, 2021 by D. D. Degg

Seems Creators Syndicate has shut down the Doodles feature with the October 17, 2021 issue. It was not updated today. The last new Doodles page ran September 5, 2021. © Creators Syndicate At least one paper didn’t get the order placed correctly (in time?) with their paginator. From the Bennington Banner: As far as Murphy’s […]

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Shelley Pleger Now Dick Tracy Major Art Squad

Oct 24, 2021 by D. D. Degg

Joe Staton said goodbye as pencil artist in the October 24, 2021 Dick Tracy comic strip.  Shelley Pleger, who has been the inker and letterer of the Curtis/Staton Dick Tracy from the beginning, will now add layouts and pencils to her chores starting October 25, 2021. And when we say “from the beginning” we mean […]

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CSotD: Fears, both accidental and unavoidable

Oct 24, 2021 by Mike Peterson

Mike Lester (AMS) offers a Yes-But-No take on the accidental shooting that has pushed poor little Gabby Petito off the top of the things we are obsessing over while Rome burns. It’s not unusual for people who have no idea what they’re talking about to pipe up with their analysis on social media, but we’re […]

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NCS Auction for The Benefit of St. Jude’s Children

Oct 23, 2021 by D. D. Degg

Beginning on October 27th and running through November 3rd of this year, the National Cartoonists Society and the NCS Foundation will hold a major art auction online, with all proceeds going to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The NCS has enlisted the help of Heritage Auctions, the industry leader in the field of comic […]

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Pedro X. Molina Awarded Gabo for Excellence

Oct 23, 2021 by D. D. Degg

Pedro X. Molina, cartoonist and illustrator of CONFIDENCIAL, has been awarded the Recognition of Excellence Gabo Award 2021, by the Governing Council of the Gabo Foundation, becoming the first cartoonist to receive such award, naming him “one of the most persistent and incisive commentators of contemporary processes of corruption, advancement of authoritarianism, regression of civil […]

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CSotD: It’s funny ’cause it’s true

Oct 23, 2021 by Mike Peterson

Graeme MacKay starts us out easy, with a supply chain gag that, for some reason, doesn’t depict a broken chain with some politician in the middle, hanging on by the broken ends. Perhaps he didn’t get the memo.   However, he hit me at the right moment, because I bought my Halloween candy the other […]

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