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Phil Hands, Editorial Cartoonist and More

Jan 27, 2020 by D. D. Degg

The Wisconsin State Journal proudly proclaims of Phil Hands: We’ve got a full-time editorial cartoonist. Of course a full time newspaper cartoonist does more than political cartoons. Phil, who also handles our letters to the editor, creates three to four editorial cartoons for us each week, and at least one of those is syndicated nationally […]

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Barbara Remington – RIP

Jan 27, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Illustrator Barbara Remington has passed away. Barbara Remington June 23, 1929 – January 23, 2020   Artist and illustrator Barbara Remington may be a little off-topic here but she was the cover artist for my copies of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Remington illustrated the original American paperback editions of “The Hobbit” […]

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CSotD: Rules of Engagement

Jan 27, 2020 by Mike Peterson

 (Mo)     (Clay Jones) Two of the more engaged people I know express outrage over those who are not engaged. Jones, as is his wont, accompanies his cartoon with an essay on the topic of willful, deliberate ignorance, noting appropriately that it’s one thing for Deplorables to remain ignorant of the charges against their […]

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‘Overwhelming Demand’ Wins Back Sunday Comics

Jan 26, 2020 by D. D. Degg

In answer to an overwhelming demand by the readers of the Tullahoma News, the comic page will return to the publication starting Feb. 2. “That was one of the top concerns I received in surveys we sent out once I began here. Everyone wanted the Sunday comics back,” said Tullahoma News Editor Duane Sherrill. “I […]

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Kobe Bryant – RIP

Jan 26, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Dear Basketball, I fell in love with you. A love so deep I gave you my all — From my mind & body To my spirit & soul. I want you to know now So we both can savor every moment we have left together. The good and the bad. We have given each other […]

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So, This Happened (Clearing a Backlog of Items)

Jan 26, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Lynn Johnston has a new outlet for her licensed products.   What Would Mary Do?   Washington Post on the current Library of Congress comics exihibit.   Perks of Being Short – A Brisa Cartoon and Commentary Gallery.   Who’s the caricaturist?   Kevin Cooley Wins 2020 Lucy Shelton Caswell Research Award.   Hollywood’s Lalo […]

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Dogpatch, USA For Sale

Jan 26, 2020 by D. D. Degg

400 acres of what used to be the Dogpatch USA (1968-1993) amusement park, based on the Li’l Abner comic strip (1934-1977) by Al Capp, is going on the auction block. The abandoned Dogpatch theme park will be sold at auction outside the courthouse in Jasper on March 3 if the current owners don’t come up […]

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CSotD: Choosing to choose, or not

Jan 26, 2020 by Mike Peterson

Mike Marland anticipates the New Hampshire Primary, coming up February 11. According to 538, Bernie has a comfortable lead at the moment, with Biden in second place and Buttigieg and Warren in a statistical tie. Bernie is our hometown boy, and his strength here should be balanced against whatever happens in Iowa, where he’s less […]

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Cathy Got Schooled, And Continues To Learn

Jan 26, 2020 by D. D. Degg

After a sheltered childhood in Midland, Mich., Guisewite yearned to attend a college where her world could be expanded. So she packed her neatly ironed blouses, short skirts, and knee sox in her suitcase and headed to Ann Arbor. “At Michigan, I was introduced to different cultures, races, and ideas,” recalls Guisewite, who soon ditched […]

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CSotD: Explanations and other wasted efforts

Jan 25, 2020 by Mike Peterson

Stuart Carlson may have the best perspective on the impeachment trial and the public. One continuing flaw in the liberal game plan is the notion that people will respond to logic, and it’s a misunderstanding of human nature that goes at least as far back as Jimmy Carter, who thought that, if he explained the […]

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2020 Eisner Hall of Fame Judge’s Choices (and Nominees): Nell Brinkley and E. Simms Campbell

Jan 25, 2020 by D. D. Degg

The 2020 Judges’ Choices for automatic inclusion into the Eisner Hall of Fame are Nell Brinkley and E. Simms Campbell. Comic-Con International (Comic-Con) has announced that the Eisner Awards judges have selected two individuals to automatically be inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame for 2020. These inductees are pioneering newspaper cartoonist Nell […]

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Tip Sampliner – RIP

Jan 24, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Cartoonist (and inventor) Arthur ‘Tip’ Sampliner has passed away. Arthur Tipling (Tip) Sampliner October 19, 1943 – January 21, 2020   industrial designer/inventor, professor Bayside Times political cartoonist   From Humanistic Robotics: Tip is an extraordinary inventor and designer: holding over 35 US patents; he has won several awards including the 1st Prize at the […]

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John Romita Senior now a Senior Stripper

Jan 24, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Happy Birthday John Romita, born January 24, 1930. John now becomes a member of our Senior Strippers Club. John is famous, of course, for being a premiere romance comic book artist for DC and Marvel.   John’s long comic book career saw him do everything from western heroes to super heroes.   He even managed […]

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Cartoonist Jack Ohman Gets a Real Job

Jan 24, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Jack Ohman has been promoted to deputy opinion editor. In his expanded role, Ohman will write more editorials and columns focused on local and state issues. He will also help edit The Bee’s California Forum opinion section. “This is a wonderful moment for me at this point in my career,” said […]

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CSotD: What did they not know and how do they not know it?

Jan 24, 2020 by Mike Peterson

I’d like Mike Smith‘s cartoon better if he had widened the scope, because we’d be in a different situation if Dershowitz were the only character in the drama who does not appear to have read the basic document.   Though, to be fair to Dershowitz, he has a long record — as Nick Anderson points […]

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