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The Harvey Awards Hall of Fame Honors Go To: Buell, Gaiman, Shelton, Thomas

Sep 30, 2022 by D. D. Degg

The Harvey Awards, which honors exemplary comic book work, will be adding members to its Hall of Fame at New York Comic Con in October. The new inductees are Neil Gaiman, whose best-selling series The Sandman was recently adapted for Netflix, the underground cartoonist Gilbert Shelton, and Roy Thomas, a prolific writer and editor for […]

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Schulz Peanuts Postage Stamps Arrive Today

Sep 30, 2022 by D. D. Degg

This is the day! United States Postal Service First Day of Issue PEANUTS Stamp Dedication Ceremony Friday, September 30 Free Admission: 11:00 am–5:00 pm Stamp Release Ceremony: Noon Cost: Free! Enjoy free Museum admission all day, and celebrate the first day issue of the new US postage stamps commemorating Charles M. Schulz’s centennial year. More […]

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CSotD: Mixed Bag Day

Sep 30, 2022 by Mike Peterson

Political cartoonists should, indeed, stick pins in powerful people, but it does seem, in the current cycle, like a two-pan scale, where what happens on one side shifts the balance for the other. Lee Judge (KFS), for instance, is hardly a Trump fan, but he seems anti-Biden in his comment on the way the White […]

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Opinionated – The Not-So-Funny Pages

Sep 29, 2022 by D. D. Degg

In 1843, the periodical Punch introduced the word cartoon to refer to comic drawings. By the mid-19th century, periodicals around the world were using cartoons to express publishers’ and cartoonists’ thoughts on politics. Ohio State University’s History Teaching Institute notes that editorial cartoons are based on current events and have an educational purpose as “[t]hey […]

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Comic Strip Stuff and Nonsense

Sep 29, 2022 by D. D. Degg

Let’s start this comic strip stuff with panel nonsense. © Scott Hilburn Boing Boing, who regularly features collections of comics they discover to their liking recently put the spotlight on thirty “Absurd And Humorous One-Panel Comics By Scott Hilburn.” Unfortunately the it appeared before the above issue of The Argyle Sweater.   Thomas Yeates created […]

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CSotD: A Hurricane of Wilseys

Sep 29, 2022 by Mike Peterson

Hurricane Ian has made landfall in Florida and there’s little funny in what this powerful storm is doing, but, then again, it is producing a lot of material for cartoonists like Clay Jones, largely because of the Republican Party’s track record, in Florida generally and on storms and climate change specifically. Several people have noted […]

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Comics and Their Creators: All-True Stories

Sep 28, 2022 by D. D. Degg

Illustrator Robb Armstrong sometimes calls his time at Syracuse University “The Syracuse Years,” like a flashback chapter in a comic book. On Sept. 30, Armstrong will return to Syracuse University to receive an alumni award for his long career in comics. He previously received the George Arents Award from S.U. for excellence in his field, […]

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CSotD: Midweek Randomness

Sep 28, 2022 by Mike Peterson

A bit of politics before we go for the laughs. I was surprised that NASA’s asteroid deflection drew so much attention, since they’ve been talking about it for several years. I was also surprised that several cartoonists, including Kevin Necessary, greeted it with a “Why are we doing that?” response. I think the last time […]

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The Next Big Cartoonists Meet: CXC/AAEC

Sep 27, 2022 by D. D. Degg

Cartoonists of all sorts and stripes – comic strip cartoonists, editorial cartoonists, comic book (mainstream, alternative, small press) cartoonists – of all ages, for all ages. Only a week away. (a week away, a week away)     Lee Marrs, Keith Knight, Bill Plympton, Ann Telnaes, Jim Mahfood, Steenz, Dan Parent, Trina Robbins, Kevin Necessary, […]

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CSotD: Funny War Stories, such as they are

Sep 27, 2022 by Mike Peterson

(Clay Jones) (Patrick Chappatte) I wasn’t sure what order to put this pair in, since they’re both ludicrous and neither of them made me laugh but they both got a grim chuckle, which isn’t the same thing. Jones mocks Putin more directly, but it’s hard to say which cartoonist exaggerates the reality more, with Chappatte […]

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CSotD EXTRA: Comic fans must now step up

Sep 26, 2022 by Mike Peterson

I’m going to assume that Francesco Marciulano’s Ted Talk is for social media and not an Official Sally Forth Strip, but so much the better and good for him. I’ll go a step further and say the only good thing about Lee Enterprise’s announcement that they are shoving their local comic pages into the corporate […]

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Postmedia Canada Adopts Printless Mondays and other Pre-Mortem Newspaper News

Sep 26, 2022 by D. D. Degg

Postmedia Network Inc. says nine of its urban daily newspapers will no longer be printed and delivered on Mondays effective Oct. 17. Postmedia spokesperson Phyllise Gelfand says the Vancouver Sun, The Province, Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun and Montreal Gazette will all be affected.   The Canadian Broadcasting […]

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Flashbacks Finale

Sep 26, 2022 by D. D. Degg

After 31 years Patrick M. Reynolds has ended his Flashbacks comic strip. above: the penultimate Flashbacks below: the final Flashbacks The educational and entertaining feature ran for 31 years. FLASHBACKS by Patrick M. Reynolds October 13, 1991 – September 25, 2022 weekly comic strip self-syndicated (Red Rose Studio) The Lambiek Comiclopedia has a short profile […]

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CSotD: Say Anything

Sep 26, 2022 by Mike Peterson

I saw the first corgi cartoon on the funny pages today, so I guess that tells us the time lag and, no, I’m not going to feature it here. But I will feature Martin Rowson’s farewell to the topic, which only has two corgis, which is quite a few less than you would get in […]

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Comic Strips Celebrate National Comic Book Day

Sep 25, 2022 by D. D. Degg

Nobody seems to know how it started, when it started, why it started, who started it, or what the reason for the September 25 date is – but today is National Comic Book Day.   Prickly City informs us of the holiday. © Scott Stantis; DC Comics   Sally Forth also has a superhero theme. […]

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