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CSotD: Learning as we go, or not

Sep 29, 2020 by Mike Peterson

I’m going to wait another day for a few more Trump/Tax cartoons to hit, but Morten Morland (London Times) lays out the administration’s response, which is, of course, denial. Trump’s constant refrain about fake news brings up the line from Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I am not sure it means what you […]

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Mark Trail – Then (Dodd) and Now (Rivera)

Sep 28, 2020 by D. D. Degg

  above: Mark trail cartoonists Ed Dodd and Jules Rivera (via the Gainesville Times) For the first time in almost 75 years the Mark Trail cartoonist won’t have a connection to Gainesville, Georgia. The Gainesville Times notes about Jules Rivera taking over: King Features Syndicate announced Sept. 25 that Jules Rivera, Latina cartoonist from Los […]

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The End of an Error, uh, Era

Sep 28, 2020 by D. D. Degg

It’s the end of an era, marking an error of MADdening proportions.   MAD covers and material is © E.C. Publications Above is MAD #15 (right and on sale now) and MAD #16 (left, on sale October 6, 2020). The major difference between the two issues, other than the cover, is that for the first […]

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CSotD: How stupid do they think we are?

Sep 28, 2020 by Mike Peterson

That’s the $750 question, but, while we wait for those cartoons to come in, let’s examine the rest of the evidence: Tom Toles (AMS) plays with a well-known Franklin anecdote, opening a difficult question. The original was “A lady asked Franklin (at the close of the Constitutional Convention): “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic […]

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GoComics Dropping Frog Applause, The Conjurers, others; Connie to the Wonnie Drops GoComics

Sep 27, 2020 by D. D. Degg

In the month since we last reported that GoComics was reducing the 500+ roster of its site, a dozen more comics have been dropped. September has seen the following comics no longer appearing on GoComics: Angry Birds, BFGF Syndrome, The Best Medicine Cartoon, The Conjurers, The Creeps, Dragon Girl, The Gentleman’s Armchair, The Lost Bear, […]

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What Might Have Been – Superman Comic Strip

Sep 27, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. After years of failing to get Superman published in one form or another Jerry and Joe, in 1938, got the hero published in a comic book. Superman made Action Comics an instant hit and by the end of 1938 the creators were producing their long-desired newspaper strip that […]

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CSotD: Truth or illusion – Who knows the difference?

Sep 27, 2020 by Mike Peterson

We’ll start the day with a video, but no worries: We’ll have one at the end, too. “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” is a movie you only watch once, not because it’s not good enough to watch again but because it’s too painful to sit through a second viewing. Draw your own parallels to calendar […]

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CSotD: Is there a voter dismayed?

Sep 26, 2020 by Mike Peterson

I like Christopher Weyant’s (Boston Globe) cartoon as much as I’ve liked anything in a very long time. There is a flood of cartoons in response to the Breonna Taylor decision that spring from what we want rather than from what is. As noted here the other day, the problem in that case was not […]

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New Mark Trail by Jules Rivera in October

Sep 25, 2020 by D. D. Degg

The New York Times is reporting that the Mark Trail comic strip will have new episodes by cartoonist Jules Rivera starting October 12, 2020. “Mark Trail,” a newspaper comic strip about an outdoor magazine writer and environmentalism, is getting a makeover. On Oct. 12, the cartoonist Jules Rivera will take over the strip. above: Mark […]

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CSotD: Friday Funnies, with a little cheesecake

Sep 25, 2020 by Mike Peterson

Between Friends (KFS) has a well-timed arc about junk drawers (starting here), in part because a lot of people are going through their stuff for lack of anything else to do in quarantine and in far more important part because I needed to unclutter before a puppy arrived. Not that I expected her to get […]

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Politics Cause of Dropping Bottom Liners

Sep 24, 2020 by D. D. Degg

After months of complaints about the political jokes in the Bottom Liners panel, the Wilmington Star News has dropped the panel. While editorial comments have long been a part of the Teitelbaum Brothers repertoire, they seem to gotten more partisan and frequent this past year. A couple of harsh Adam Schiff gags found readers writing […]

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CSotD: The caller is inside the house!

Sep 24, 2020 by Mike Peterson

Start with this rueful chuckle from Clay Bennett, which is as close to a laugh as you’ll get these days, even if you have an appetite for gallows humor. Policy proposals and political leanings aside, if you watched any part of the two townhalls this past week, you saw one candidate handle himself smoothly and […]

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Gary Larson, Editorial Cartoonist

Sep 23, 2020 by D. D. Degg

While The Far Side cartoons have been repurposed by others for partisan ends, Gary Larson himself has never been political except in the most general terms (e.g., the government sucks). But now, in a new The Far Side cartoon, Gary gets specific as he takes us into a Museum of Relics where he shows a […]

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The Brian Walker Tapes

Sep 23, 2020 by D. D. Degg

Brian Walker is  – a writer of comic strips  – a historian of comic strips  – a curator of comic strips  – a compiler of comic strips The son of Mort Walker and raised in “Cartoon County,” Brian knows his comic strips. Geoff Grogan talks to Brian about all phases of Brian’s career and life […]

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CSotD: Forecasting a hard rain

Sep 23, 2020 by Mike Peterson

I wasn’t expecting to run more “hypocrisy” cartoons — the issue is out there, everyone knows it, there’s little more to be said. And then Matt Davies made me giggle. As noted before, it’s not hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is when you say “Nobody should do this” and then do it yourself. There’s nothing hypocritical in McConnell […]

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