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Rusins Kaufmanis – RIP

Editorial Cartoonist Rusins Kaufmanis has passed away. Rusins Kaufmanis March 27, 1925 – September 20, 2019 Globe and Mail cartoonist 1960 – ???? Ottawa Citizen editorial cartoonist 1963 – 1989 From the Ottawa Citizen obituary: He remained interested in politics, people, and especially humour to the very end. In his last week, when initially told […]

Posted on: Oct 19, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: 0 Comments

Doug Dillard – RIP

Christian cartoonist Doug Dillard has passed away. Samuel Douglas (Doug) Dillard July 11, 1929 – October 5, 2019   Doug’s career, outside of cartooning, consisted of serving “churches as a pastor, youth evangelist and minister of education before launching a career in public relations.” From the Baptist Standard obituary: [Doug] Dillard was widely known as […]

Posted on: Oct 9, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Cartooning, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 0 Comments

Dana Fradon – RIP

Famed magazine cartoonist Dana Fradon has passed away. Arthur Dana Fradon April 14, 1922 – October 3, 2019   From the obituary: Dana attended the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Students League of New York where he met and married Comic Illustrator, Ramona Fradon. He wanted to pursue a career in political cartooning […]

Posted on: Oct 8, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist, Children's Books, Magazine cartoons, Obituary, Comments: 0 Comments

Laurie Mitchell – RIP

  Artist, author, cartoonist Laurie Mitchell has passed away. Laurie L. Mitchell (aka Lori Jackman) ca. 1957/58 – September 14, 2019   From the obituary: On her return [from Europe] she worked as assistant manager at the Towne West B. Dalton Bookseller for 10 years before retiring to pursue her art. She sculpted in papier […]

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Updating some recent posts.   The Knight Life Ends. Keith Knight uses The K Chronicles to confirm the ending of The Knight Life.   The Knight Life Still Runs Above is The Knight Life running in this weekend’s Stars and Stripes newspaper. It is a repeat of the first 2019 Sunday strip. I don’t know […]

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Kurt Mitchell Replaces Bill Schelly on American Comic Book Chronicles 1945-1949

Following the death of long-time comic book fan and long-time comic book historian Bill Schelly, Kurt Mitchell has taken on the writing of the 1945-1949 volume of American Comic Book Chronicles. above images via My Comic Shop Bill Schelly had written the 1950s volume of the series, while Kurt Mitchell has written the recently published […]

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Lee Salem – Tributes and Respect (updated)

Lee served as editor and then president of Universal Press Syndicate, now called Andrews McMeel Syndication. In his nearly four decades at Universal, he is credited with editing and developing some of the iconic comic strips of our time, including Calvin and Hobbes, Cathy, Cul-de-Sac, Doonesbury, The Far Side and For Better or for Worse. […]

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Mary Zins – RIP

  Artist and cartoonist Mary Zins has passed away. Mary Catherine (MC) Zins ?June 2, 1964? – August 22, 2019   From the obituary: …our sister will always be remembered as a gifted and talented artist that eventually blossoms into an outstanding, Internationalist Fine Art Cartoonist e.g., cartoonmovement. Whom mimicked her father, Chuck Zins, a […]

Posted on: Sep 14, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Cartoonist, Editorial cartooning, Greeting Cards, Obituary, Comments: 3 Comments

Skip Sedore – RIP

  Designer. poet, musician, and cartoonist Skip Sedore has passed away. Charles J. (Skip) Sedore February 25, 1930 – August 24, 2019   From the obituary: Skip, known as Charlie in the business world, worked for many years as a self-employed Embroidery Designer, who designed lace and embroidery for the NYC Garment Industry from his […]

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Lee Salem – RIP

Famed Universal Press Syndicate editor Lee Salem has passed away. Lee J. Salem July 21, 1946 – September 2, 2019   From the obituary: Lee served as editor and then president of Universal Press Syndicate, now called Andrews McMeel Syndication. In his nearly four decades at Universal, he is credited with editing and developing some […]

Posted on: Sep 2, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Andrews McMeel Syndication, Comic strips, Obituary, Syndicates, Universal Press, Comments: 2 Comments

Larry Siegel – RIP

Humorist Larry Siegel has passed away. Lawrence Harvey (Larry) Siegel October 29, 1925 – August 20, 2019 From the Larry Siegel Facebook page: It is with great sadness that I have to share the news that my father, Larry Siegel passed away last night at the age of 93 after a long battle with Parkinson’s. […]

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Charles Santore – RIP

Famed Illustrator Charles Santore has passed away. Charles Santore March 16, 1935 – August 11, 2019   From the Philadelphia Inquirer obituary: He began his career in 1956 working as a freelance illustrator for local advertising agencies and publications such as the Saturday Evening Post, Life, Redbook, and the Ladies’ Home Journal. Starting in 1972, […]

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Ernie Colón – RIP

Comic book artist Ernie Colón has passed away. Ernie Colón (Ernesto Colón Sierra de Cordobes y Lopez) July 13, 1031 – August 8, 2019 ME: If I’m not mistaken, your complete name is Ernesto Sierra de Cordobes Y Lopez Colón , isn’t it? Can you explain to our readers its origin? ERNIE: My name is […]

Posted on: Aug 9, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist, Comic Books, Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Ernie Colón – RIP

Bob Cope – RIP

Engineer and political cartoonist Bob Cope has passed away. James Robert (Bob) Cope February 6, 1937 – July 18, 2019     Bob’s impressive accomplishments as an engineer for 60 years are far too extensive to list here, but his cartooning career is easier. From the obituary: As a hobby from 2001 through 2018, Bob […]

Posted on: Jul 27, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Bob Cope – RIP

Mordillo – RIP

Internationally acclaimed cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo has passed away. Guillermo Mordillo Menéndez August 4, 1932 – June 30, 2019   Sources close to the family have reported the death. The news has spread worldwide, unfortunately, at this moment, I am not finding a report in English and Google Translate is not working for me right now. […]

Posted on: Jun 30, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, International, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment