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Cartoonist Milton Knight Assaulted

  Milton Knight has relayed on his Facebook page that he was a victim of a hate crime: I was beaten up today. To make a long story short, was waiting for the bus, and a guy was using a one-sided conversation with people to shout NIGGER every two seconds. Went on for 15 minutes. […]

Posted on: Mar 1, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist, Crime, Comments: 1 Comment

“The Doodler”: Cartoonist as Serial Killer

  San Francisco police released a new sketch Wednesday [February 6, 2019] showing what a serial killer who targeted gay men in the 1970s could look like now in hopes of getting a break in the cold case. The killer was dubbed the ‘Doodler’ after he told a person who later became a victim and […]

Posted on: Feb 7, 2019,  Section: Cartoonist, Crime, news, Comments: Comments Off on “The Doodler”: Cartoonist as Serial Killer