News Briefs for September 18, 2008

» Editorial cartoonist Clay Bennett was on Blog Talk Radio with Mr. Media. (Direct mp3 download or pop-out in new browser window)

» Arctic Circle creator Alex Hallatt was interviewed on Comics Coast to Coast.

» In an effort to save Superman’s home (or at least the boyhood home of Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel) several Superman items are going up on auction – one of which is an original Funky Winkerbean written by Tom Batuik, and drawn by Jim Mooney, the creator of Supergirl. This Funky original is believed to be Mooney’s last published drawing.)

» More bad news for the newspaper industry. McClatchy is announcing to trim its employees by another 10% across the chain. This is after steep cuts earlier this year.

» Some employees of the L.A. Times suing the Tribune Co. and CEO Sam Zell who allegedly plotted to take the company private to enrich themselves at the detriment of the employees.