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70th National Newspaper Award Finalists

  The National Newspaper Awards is the trade name of the Canadian Daily Newspaper Awards Programme Administration Corporation, a not-for-profit body which governs the awards program.   Finalists for Editorial Cartooning: • Michael de Adder, Halifax Chronicle-Herald/Brunswick News/Toronto Star.       • Brian Gable, Globe and Mail. • Garnotte (Michel Garneau), Le Devoir.   […]

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Spinning the Cartoon Wheel Again

Whhhiirrrrr…clik…clik…clik…clak   Awards The Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies are proud to announce the nominees for the seventh annual Cartoonist Studio Prize. The winner in each of our categories will be announced April 12. Each winner will receive $1,000 and eternal glory. On the shortlist of nominees for Best Web Comic […]

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Gannett Rejects Digital First’s First Takeover Bid

Gannett rejected a takeover offer from Media News Group/Digital First this morning, and it did not do so politely. A letter from the Board of Directors expressed doubt that Digital First could come up with money to finance the offer. And Gannett added an unusual slam of the potential buyer. Based on Digital First’s cut-and-slash […]

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Newspaper News

  above: Sunday November 4, 2018 Pearls Before Swine   Creative Loafing Charlotte Ceases Print, Staff Let Go Alt-weekly newspaper Creative Loafing Charlotte in North Carolina has ceased print production with its October 31st 2018 edition. Creative Loafing, received an email Tuesday night from the paper’s publisher, Charles Womack III. Wednesdays are production days for […]

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Gizmodo Analyzes 1913 Comic that Predicted Newspapers in the Future

From the story: The August 20, 1913, edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (subscription required) reprinted a cartoon from the London Chronicle about the newspaper of the future. And it serves as a fascinating snapshot of an era when automobiles were still relatively new, powered flight was just a decade old, and broadcast radio was still for early adopters. […]

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Tronc to Change Name Back to Tribune Publishing

Multiple sources reporting. New York Post The Verge The Guardian

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US newspaper ad revenue in free fall

From Slate: Here?s a quick reminder that, despite the upbeat story lines we?ve heard about the greater media business during the past year or so, most newspapers are still very much in free fall. At the American Enterprise Institute?s Carpe Diem blog, Mark J. Perry finds that print ad revenues are now the lowest they’ve […]

Posted on: Apr 28, 2014,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 5 Comments

30% of paid journalists lost their jobs between 2006-2012

From Allgov: The carnage of layoffs resulting from the Internet age has been quite gruesome for journalism employment, with the U.S. having lost 30% of its paid media workers. According to the Pew Research Journalism Project, print publications facing dwindling subscription rates laid off 17,000 reporters and editors from 2006 to 2012. The reduction saw […]

Posted on: Apr 23, 2014,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Newspaper industry, Comments: 1 Comment

More Silicon Valley money getting into journalism

Here’s an interesting piece from the New York Times that the list the number of Silicon Valley/Tech company leaders are backing newspapers or other forms of journalism is growing. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post; Pierre M. Omidyar, who founded eBay, is investing $250 million into a journalism venture with The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald. […]

Posted on: Oct 21, 2013,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 1 Comment

Jeff Bezos: people pay for a package, not a story

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced last month that he was buying the Washington Post for $250 million. He’s been making the rounds at the paper talking to staff about his plans and vision. But this caught my eye: The Bezos plan for the news organization he has agreed to buy for $250 million centers on […]

Posted on: Sep 6, 2013,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 4 Comments

Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post

In a surprise announcement, The Washington Post announces it is being purchased by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. From the Washington Post: But for much of the past decade, The Post has been unable to escape the financial turmoil that has engulfed newspapers and other “legacy” media organizations. The rise of the Internet and the epochal […]

Posted on: Aug 6, 2013,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 7 Comments

Times-Picayune to start printing daily

David Carr writes in The New York Times that a year after the Times-Picayune in New Orleans dropped to a thrice weekly paper, the paper will start printing a paper daily. But what it’s printing and who gets it is?. complicated. Here’s how David describes it: On Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, a broadsheet called The […]

Posted on: May 13, 2013,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 4 Comments

I know of some cartoonists who qualify for $20,000

The Knight Foundation paid Jonah Lehrer $20,000 to speak at a Knight Foundation luncheon wherein he talked about his plagiarism and fabrications. From Poynter: At a talk this afternoon in Miami, Jonah Lehrer acknowledged his plagiarism and fabrications and described how he hopes to redeem his reputation. Lehrer read prepared remarks then answered questions from […]

Posted on: Feb 13, 2013,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 2 Comments

Washington Post considering putting up paywall

From the Washington Post: Long reluctant to charge for online content, the newspaper is close to a decision to introduce digital subscriptions and charge online readers once they surpass a certain number of articles or multimedia features a month, the person said. Access to the home page and section fronts would not be limited. The […]

Posted on: Dec 7, 2012,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 9 Comments

Warren Buffett bullish on newspaper’s future

From the New York Times: Mr. Buffett went on a newspaper spending spree this year by buying more than 60 newspapers from Media General and a small stake in the newspaper company Lee Enterprises, a chain of mostly small dailies based in Iowa. At the time, he stressed that he had great confidence that newspapers […]

Posted on: Nov 28, 2012,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 5 Comments