Time magazine to launch political cartoon page

Time magazine is launching a new feature called “The Drawing Room” that will feature original political cartoons. E&P reports that while the feature will be a regular in print and on the web it is uncertain at the moment if current newspaper cartoonists will be contributing to the page.

2 thoughts on “Time magazine to launch political cartoon page

  1. time magazine has zero credibility with editorial cartoons.

    their 2006 best of the year list includes 8 copley news service cartoons, plus 1 bok and 1 handelsman. must have been the best editorial cartoon syndicate ever. in this whole wide world.

    actually, i couldn’t find a link to remind myself but i am pretty sure 2004 and/or 2005 best of the year lists included all copley cartoons. i also believe that all but one or two were from the last few months in the year, indicating a pretty quick selection process by a pretty disinterested employee.

    without getting into specifics, i’ll say the 2007 list was just as silly.

    this is the magazine that gets worldwide press for who they select as “person of the year.” and they put up along side it each year these “cartoons of the year.”

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