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New to Comics Kingdom – Bob Mankoff Presents: Show Me The Funny

Premiering at Comics Kingdom, in the middle of the night with no advance notice, isBob Mankoff Presents: Show Me The Funny. © Matthew Diffee From the ‘About’ page: This anthology series presented by Bob Mankoff and the cartoonists of CartoonStock promises a best-of selection of one-panel gag cartoons from around the globe! Strangely the “best-of […]

Posted on: Aug 16, 2022,  Section: Comic strips, Magazine cartoons, Comments: 1 Comment

Hey Kids! Comics! Hot August Books

Below are some comic strip and cartoon books scheduled for August 2022 release. Images and links (mostly) via Amazon, though ordering through your local comic or independent book store is a good idea.   Ballard Street Redux: The Comic Art of Jerry Van Amerongen    Victorian Comics  (re-issue of 1976 edition)   Big Nate: Destined […]

Posted on: Aug 15, 2022,  Section: Books, Comic Books, Comic history, Comic strips, Graphic Novels, International, Magazine cartoons, Comments: 1 Comment

New Book – America’s Most Influential Journalist: The Life, Times and Legacy of Thomas Nast

This 830-page biography contains 1,000 Nast cartoons, illustrations, sketches, and paintings. 800 from Harper’s Weekly, the balance from other rare publications including Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (25), New-York Illustrated News (47), Phunny Phellow (19), a comic paper that Nast contributed to from 1859-1873 100 cartoons on related topics by 20 other artists like Joseph Keppler […]

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Sofia Warren Interview and Gallery

Let us present to you Sofia Warren, a talented cartoonist, writer and animator from the United States! She’s been a cartoonist for The New Yorker since 2017 and has also contributed to MoMA magazine, Narrative Magazine, and Catapult, to name a few. Her illustrations catch attention with beautiful drawings as well as clever and witty […]

Posted on: Aug 12, 2022,  Section: Cartooning, Illustration, Magazine cartoons, Comments: 1 Comment

Pete Kesling – RIP

Orthodontist and cartoonist Pete Kesling has passed away. Dr. Peter Crawford (Pete) Kesling January 1, 1932 ~ July 25, 2022    From the obituary: Peter’s professional and business experience included President/CEO of TP Orthodontics from 1958-1980, Exclusive Orthodontic Practice (Retired), and Kesling & Rocke Group from 1958 – 2005. He also had the La Porte […]

Posted on: Aug 6, 2022,  Section: Magazine cartoons, Obituary, Comments: 0 Comments

Paul Coker, Jr. – RIP

Cartoonist and character designer Paul Coker, Jr. has passed away. Paul Allan Coker, Jr. March 5, 1929 – July 23, 2022   Tom Richmond, among others, has reported the death of Paul Coker, Jr. Paul was a gag cartoonist and an illustrator of greeting cards, but more famous as a MAD magazine contributor and a […]

Posted on: Jul 29, 2022,  Section: Cartoonist's Cartoonists, Comic Books, Comic strips, Greeting Cards, Illustration, Magazine cartoons, Magazines, Obituary, Comments: 1 Comment

Ketching Up With the Movietone Newsreels

But before we get to the news… After a week of Comic Con intro panels to Mutts it would be a shame if you didn’t see the Sunday panel (and the inspiration):     Mutts © Patrick McDonnell; Hulk © Marvel Entertainment   I would say that eight-year-old Ciaunna Williams is going to be a […]

Posted on: Jul 24, 2022,  Section: Comic Books, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Magazine cartoons, Movies, Comments: Comments Off on Ketching Up With the Movietone Newsreels

Sean Kelly – RIP

Humorist, satirist, and comic writer Sean Kelly has passed away. Sean Charles Kelly July 22, 1940 – July 11, 2022   From The New York Times: Sean Kelly, a wry master of literary and musical parodies who helped infuse National Lampoon with the sharp-edged and often crude humor it became known for, died on July […]

Posted on: Jul 21, 2022,  Section: Comic Books, Magazine cartoons, Magazines, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Sean Kelly – RIP

Miscellaneous Monday – We’re All Over the Place

A reminder that if you are, or know, a young cartoonist doing political cartoons or comics journalism, you have until July 15 to submit work for this year’s Locher Award!    The Sunday Heathcliff every which way. © Creators Syndicate Except for the title and the Kitty Korner companion panels Sean Kleefeld rearranges the Heathcliff […]

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R.C. Harvey’s Autobiographical Essay from 2005

From IJoCA: Bob Harvey, a longtime comics historian and cartoonist passed away last week, suddenly after an injury. We’ve asked someone to write a remembrance, but here’s R.C. in his own words, at least as far as he had gotten 17 years ago –                                It’s Not My Fault Confessions of a Comics Junkie. […]

Posted on: Jul 11, 2022,  Section: Cartooning, Comic Books, Comic history, Comic strips, Magazine cartoons, Profiles, Comments: Comments Off on R.C. Harvey’s Autobiographical Essay from 2005

Robert C. Harvey – RIP

Cartoonist and comics historian Bob Harvey has passed away. Robert Charles (Bob) Harvey (a.k.a. R. C. Harvey) June 22, 1937 – July 7, 2022 Bob’s friends Tom Tanquary and Carolyn Weller have informed the comics world that R.C. Harvey has passed away due to complications following a fall. From Bob’s daughter Julia: Last week Dad […]

Posted on: Jul 8, 2022,  Section: AAEC-feed, Books, Cartooning, Comic Books, Comic history, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Magazine cartoons, National Cartoonist Society, Obituary, Comments: 3 Comments

Jason Chatfield Emigrates to America July 4, 2014

We landed in America today, the 4th of July. Last week, Sophie and I donated or sold just about everything we’d accumulated over 30-odd years living in Australia. The stuff we kept was crammed into two bloated suitcases before we jumped on a plane to start a new life. No plan, no job waiting for […]

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Speedy Zawistowski, Gag Man

Yesterday’s notice of Speedy Zawistowski‘s passing got me searching. I did find a couple references to Speedy in the Google Books preview of What Are You Nuts?, Gag Recap editor Bill Keough‘s collection of some of his columns from that trade publication. For instance Bill recounts how he and Speedy first met.     Later […]

Posted on: Jul 3, 2022,  Section: Magazine cartoons, newsletters, Comments: Comments Off on Speedy Zawistowski, Gag Man

Speedy Zawistowski – RIP

Gag writer Speedy Zawistowski has passed away. Rollin William (Speedy) Zawistowski March 31, 1926 – June 26, 2022    From the obituary: He owned a green rowboat named the Alfred E. Neuman.In 2005, he moved to Philadelphia and then State College, and married Dr. Mary McCubbin. In State College, he attended Christian Science Bible Study […]

Posted on: Jul 2, 2022,  Section: Magazine cartoons, Obituary, Comments: Comments Off on Speedy Zawistowski – RIP

Cartoonists in the News

Cartoonist Pierre “Peb” Bellocq Honors  The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) and the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame will highlight the career and accomplishments of the renowned cartoonist Pierre “Peb” Bellocq during a ceremony at Belmont Park on Saturday, July 9 as part of the Stars and Stripes Racing Festival. In […]

Posted on: Jul 1, 2022,  Section: Alternative comics, Awards, Comic history, Comic strips, Contests, Editorial cartooning, Magazine cartoons, Comments: Comments Off on Cartoonists in the News