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Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh’s Candy Man

In Western Pennsylvania, Yinzer and Jagoff are terms of endearment. Saying “dahntahn” is as much a beloved tradition as putting fries on your sammich or waving a yellow towel! That’s why Pittsburgh radio personalities Jim Krenn and Larry Richert have teamed up with cartoonist Rob Rogers to create Yinzer Cards as a way of celebrating […]

Posted on: Oct 11, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Cartooning, Fund Raisers, Greeting Cards, Illustration, Comments: 0 Comments

Laurie Mitchell – RIP

  Artist, author, cartoonist Laurie Mitchell has passed away. Laurie L. Mitchell (aka Lori Jackman) ca. 1957/58 – September 14, 2019   From the obituary: On her return [from Europe] she worked as assistant manager at the Towne West B. Dalton Bookseller for 10 years before retiring to pursue her art. She sculpted in papier […]

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Mary Zins – RIP

  Artist and cartoonist Mary Zins has passed away. Mary Catherine (MC) Zins ?June 2, 1964? – August 22, 2019   From the obituary: …our sister will always be remembered as a gifted and talented artist that eventually blossoms into an outstanding, Internationalist Fine Art Cartoonist e.g., cartoonmovement. Whom mimicked her father, Chuck Zins, a […]

Posted on: Sep 14, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Cartoonist, Editorial cartooning, Greeting Cards, Obituary, Comments: 3 Comments

Tariff-ic Books and Magazines

  With one exception, to please his evangelical base (“America’s Christian publishers no longer have to render to Caesar an extra 10 percent.”) and Rupert Murdoch, all material printed in China then sent to the United States will be taxed tariffed. The only print product completely removed from the list of proposed China tariffs was […]

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2019 NCSFest Cartoonist of the Year – The Reuben

The National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year presented May 18, 2019 (nominees listed, winner highlighted):   Lynda Barry Brian Basset Stephan Pastis Hilary Price Mark Tatulli   The 11th time is the charm for Stephan!! above photo via National Cartoonists Society   hat tip: Anne Morse-Hambrock and TomHeintjes      

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2019 NCSFest Reuben Divisional Awards

National Cartoonists Society Divisional Awards presented May 18, 2019. Nominees listed, winners highlighted   EDITORIAL CARTOONS Clay Bennett Michael Ramirez Rob Rogers   MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATION Tom Bunk Amy Kurzweil Jim Woodring   FEATURE ANIMATION Shiyoon Kim – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Peter Ramsay – Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Justin K. Thompson – Spider-Man: Into the […]

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Profiled: Sandra Boynton in the New York Times

The New York Times profiles cartoonist, author, song-writer Sandra Boynton. LONG HOURS I normally come to the office around 8:30 a.m., and aside from taking a long walk or yoga and eating, I will be at work until midnight or 1 a.m. I work all the time because I really love what I do, as […]

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NCS announces 2012 division awards

The National Cartoonist Society has announced this year’s division award nominees. The winners will be announced during their annual Reuben Awards dinner in Pittsburgh, PA. Here are the nominees: Television Animation Todd Kauffman, Executive Producer, “Sidekick” Alberto Mielgo, Production Design, “Tron: Uprising” Rich Webber, Director, Aardman Animation Studios, “DC Nation” Feature Animation Rich Moore, Director, […]

Posted on: Mar 26, 2013,  Section: Animation, Comic Books, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Graphic Novels, Greeting Cards, Illustration, National Cartoonist Society, Reuben, web comics, Comments: 1 Comment

The Oatmeal sued for trademark infringement

The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman is being sued again. From Wired (UK): The comic teamed up with the company that owns the Papyrus chain of card and gift shops, Recycled Greetings, to sell paper greeting cards of his web comics via the The Oatmeal’s web store, along with other novelty items. But that caught the attention […]

Posted on: Nov 21, 2012,  Section: Greeting Cards, Legal, web comics, Comments: 11 Comments

2010 National Cartoonists Society Division award winners

The National Cartoonists Society has their annual Reuben Awards weekend. Winners of the division awards are in bold. FEATURE ANIMATION Ronnie del Carmen – Storyboard Artist – “Up” Tomm Moore – Director – “The Secret of Kells” Barry Reynolds – Character Designer – “The Secret of Kells” NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATION Bob Rich Tom Richmond Robert Sanchuk […]

Posted on: May 29, 2010,  Section: Animation, Awards, Books, Comic Books, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Graphic Novels, Greeting Cards, Illustration, Magazine cartoons, National Cartoonist Society, Reuben, Television, Comments: 3 Comments

Hogan’s Alley posts Arnold Roth Christmas cards

Each year Hogan’s Alley posts Christmas cards from notable cartoonists. This year the focus is on Arnold Roth. This year it’s our privilege to present a treasure trove of Christmas cards from the archives of the legendary Arnold Roth. Each of his cards is a masterpiece of design, composition and humor, and we talked to […]

Posted on: Dec 2, 2009,  Section: Cartoons, Comic history, Greeting Cards, Comments: 1 Comment

Court sides with Paris Hilton in Hallmark fight

At a hearing in California on Monday, three judges at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals gave Paris Hilton the OK to pursue her case against Hallmark, rejecting the company’s claims the cartoon on a greeting card was of a generic woman and not Hilton. The card showed Hilton’s face superimposed on a cartoon of […]

Posted on: Sep 1, 2009,  Section: Greeting Cards, Legal, Comments: 5 Comments

News Briefs for March 16, 2009

» Ed Stein, isn’t bringing back his long running local comic Denver Square, but as he puts it, he “couldn?t resist doing a couple of sketches, using the characters, to comment on a couple of local stories” » This Thursday, J.C. Duffy’s The Fusco Brothers will announce whether the faithful canine companion is really a […]

Posted on: Mar 16, 2009,  Section: Awards, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Greeting Cards, Comments: 1 Comment

Tundra greeting cards now in stores

Chad Carpenter’s self syndicated comic Tundra is now in stores on greeting cards. The first batch of eight different Tundra greeting cards are birthday cards with more due out in November featuring “snowman” and Christmas. Another line of Father’s Day cards is also planned for release. The cards are printed and distributed through Recycled Paper […]

Posted on: Oct 7, 2008,  Section: Comic strips, Greeting Cards, Comments: 5 Comments

Argyle Sweater now into greeting cards

Scott Hilburn’s The Argyle Sweater now has a new line of greeting cards through Recycled Paper Greetings. The cards are mostly birthday cards and will be sold nation-wide. In related news, Borders has extended their deal with Andrews McMeel to expand the calendar rights into 2010. The 2009 calendar is one of Borders top calendar […]

Posted on: Oct 6, 2008,  Section: Comic strips, Greeting Cards, Comments: 13 Comments