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Apple bans Cagle’s Tiger Woods cartoon app

Daryl Cagle has received word from Apple that his recently submitted Tiger Woods app has been rejected from the App Store. Apple’s letter states, Thank you for submitting Tiger Woods Cartoons to the App Store. We’ve reviewed Tiger Woods Cartoons and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App […]

Posted on: Apr 27, 2010,  Section: Editorial cartooning, mobile, Comments: 13 Comments

Dilbert on the lost iPhone

The tech sector has been a buzz these last two weeks since Gizmodo, an electronics blog, published articles regarding a “lost” (perhaps stolen) prototype of Apple’s upcoming iPhone that it obtained. Even Dave Letterman did a Top 10 list on the lost iPhone. Apple is notoriously secretive about it’s products and has even sued bloggers […]

Posted on: Apr 26, 2010,  Section: Comic strips, mobile, Technology, Comments: 1 Comment

Apple approves Mark Fiore’s cartoon app – UPDATED

It took a nudge from CEO Steve Jobs himself, but today Apple approved Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore’s NewsToon app for the App store. The app was earlier rejected back in December citing that it ridiculed public figures. It is described as: From Pulitzer Prize-winning political animator, Mark Fiore, comes NewsToons, an automatically-updating collection of […]

Posted on: Apr 20, 2010,  Section: Controversies, Editorial cartooning, mobile, Comments: 6 Comments

Bizarro app named New and Noteworthy

Back in February, I alerted you that Dan Piraro was launching a Bizarro app in the iTunes app store. This week, it was placed in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the app store. King Feature has dropped the price of the app from $1.99 to $.99 for a limited time. If your procrastinated (like […]

Posted on: Mar 25, 2010,  Section: Comic strips, mobile, Comments: 1 Comment

KAL launches iPhone app

Kevin (KAL) Kallaugher, the editorial cartoonist for The Economist magazine, has launched his first iPhone app. Designed for the iPhone, this new application is an impressive collection of KAL’s award winning political cartoons, hand-picked by the artist himself. Browse through 150+ examples of KAL’s work, including 29 color covers and illustrations from The Economist magazine. […]

Posted on: Mar 24, 2010,  Section: Editorial cartooning, mobile, Comments: Comments Off on KAL launches iPhone app

Cagle Cartoons releases President Obama iPhone app

Cagle Cartoons and have released an iPhone app devoted exclusively to editorial cartoons about President Barack Obama. From Daryl Cagle’s blog: This new app focuses on cartoons chronicling the presidency of Barack Obama. Now you can follow as cartoonists from both sides of the political aisle weigh in on the decisions and policies, pitfalls […]

Posted on: Feb 19, 2010,  Section: Editorial cartooning, mobile, Comments: Comments Off on Cagle Cartoons releases President Obama iPhone app

Toonseum releases iPhone app

From their press release: The App features information on the ToonSeum including hours, location, exhibits, events and admission. It also features content pulled from the ToonSeum’s blog and Youtube page. Plans for the inclusion of a video docent tours via the app are also in production. “New technologies such as the Iphone help museums go […]

Posted on: Feb 18, 2010,  Section: mobile, Museums, Comments: Comments Off on Toonseum releases iPhone app

Dan Piraro launches iPhone app

Dan Piraro has launched an iPhone app for his comic Bizarro. The app takes advantage of the subscription capabilities of the app store to charge $1.99 a year. With the Bizarro app, a NEW COMIC is added EVERY DAY! (The same comic that appears in newspapers.) PLUS, at any given time there is a YEAR’S […]

Posted on: Feb 17, 2010,  Section: Comic strips, mobile, Comments: 1 Comment

“Momics” becoming more popular

Rediff Business is reporting that mobile comics or “momics” are part of a revival of interest in comics – at least in India. Pricing, feels Goyal, will be the major challenge and he is in talks with various telcos to make his momics affordable, because he is confident that people will get hooked to them. […]

Posted on: Jan 7, 2010,  Section: Comic strips, mobile, Comments: 10 Comments

News Briefs for December 21, 2009

Animation » Some suspect the Homer Simpson character is a caricature inspired by Irish comic strips of the late 1800s – dumb and drunkard. Children’s Books » Stephanie McMillan has put together a video preview of the children’s book she’s illustrating. The book is entitled “Mischief in the Forest” Editorial Cartooning » David Willson, the […]

Posted on: Dec 21, 2009,  Section: Animation, Children's Books, Interviews, mobile, Comments: 3 Comments

Wanted: Comic data for iPhone app

I’m tossing ideas around for an iPhone app (one that can also be ported to other devices). One idea I had was a comic related app where users can look up titles, comics, artists, relevant dates, etc. I’d like to include as many areas of the industry as possible (comic strip, editorial cartooning, comic books, […]

Posted on: Dec 13, 2009,  Section: Daily Cartoonist, mobile, Comments: 4 Comments

RingTales creates Dilbert, New Yorker mobile app

RingTales and Metranome have partnered to release the first ever animated Dilbert and New Yorker “Cartoon a Day” integrated calendar for BlackBerry smart phones. The downloadable calendars combine the utility of a daily agenda with a daily animated New Yorker or Dilbert cartoons. The app also integrates with the native calendar application on the BlackBerry […]

Posted on: Dec 10, 2009,  Section: Comic strips, mobile, Technology, Comments: Comments Off on RingTales creates Dilbert, New Yorker mobile app

The future of print is a touch screen tablet?

We’re all wondering where this digital age will take the print world. Sports Illustrated and Time Inc. are testing a multi-touch tablet device like a large iPhone as a delivery system for its engaging content. Here’s how describes it and below is a video preview. As an iPhone junkie, I can only say that […]

Posted on: Dec 4, 2009,  Section: mobile, Newspaper industry, Comments: 11 Comments

Cagle releases MSNBC Cartoons on iPhone and editorialc cartoonist Daryl Cagle have released “MSNBC Cartoons”, a free iPhone/iPod Touch application that delivers the newest editorial cartoons, updated in real-time from 800 newspapers around the world. Users can also share their political cartoons by e-mail or post them to their Twitter and Facebook pages within the app. “It has more cartoons, […]

Posted on: Dec 3, 2009,  Section: Editorial cartooning, mobile, Comments: 14 Comments

Apple approves Richmond’s Bobble Rep app

Last week the news that Tom Richmond and Ray Grigg’s “Bobble Rep” iPhone app had been rejected from the iTunes App Store went viral across Mac and cartooning blogs. Saturday, Tom was notified that Apple had reversed its decision and the app is now in the App Store. Bobble Rep, the iPhone app conceived and […]

Posted on: Nov 16, 2009,  Section: Magazine Cartoonist Bloggers, mobile, Comments: 11 Comments