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Dan Piraro launches iPhone app

Dan Piraro has launched an iPhone app for his comic Bizarro. The app takes advantage of the subscription capabilities of the app store to charge $1.99 a year.

With the Bizarro app, a NEW COMIC is added EVERY DAY! (The same comic that appears in newspapers.) PLUS, at any given time there is a YEAR’S ARCHIVE of comics that can be accessed super easy and fast from a handy-dandy calendar page. You can also click to access bio info about me (oh! so funny!), info about Bizarro (more humor!), and a help link if pushing buttons on a phone ends up being more than you can handle. Also, you can shoot an email to your other cool friends who might like this app, and you can leave comments. Last, but not least, you can click to access this very ever-lovin’ blog.

Can’t afford the app, but need more Piraro, go listen to his recent interview on Tom Racine’s Tall Tale Radio.

Community Comments

#1 Randy Glasbergen
@ 10:23 am

I got mine and it looks great. Very easy to read on the iPhone screen. It has a nice “share” feature…and no advertising! Very well done.

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