Cagle Cartoons releases President Obama iPhone app

Cagle Cartoons and have released an iPhone app devoted exclusively to editorial cartoons about President Barack Obama.

From Daryl Cagle’s blog:

This new app focuses on cartoons chronicling the presidency of Barack Obama. Now you can follow as cartoonists from both sides of the political aisle weigh in on the decisions and policies, pitfalls and gaffes of our 44th president.

The app has the same great social networking features that helped make Cartoons a hit, including the ability to share cartoons from your Twitter or Facebook pages without ever having to leave the app! E-mailing a cartoon to your friends or political enemies is simple, and you can easily save any cartoons to your device?s camera roll library, sync it with iTunes or put cartoons on your desktop!

You can check out the app in the iTunes app store or the iTunes website