Wanted: Comic data for iPhone app

I’m tossing ideas around for an iPhone app (one that can also be ported to other devices). One idea I had was a comic related app where users can look up titles, comics, artists, relevant dates, etc. I’d like to include as many areas of the industry as possible (comic strip, editorial cartooning, comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, etc.).

If you’ve got a reservoir of data and would like to partner in such an endeavor, please email me (editor@dailycartoonist.com).

4 thoughts on “Wanted: Comic data for iPhone app

  1. Hey great idea –

    Here’s my inclusion; I created and published a great comic book, back in 1996, that sold 23,000 copies in 4 days time; called: “Nyghtfall” . It was a comic about a cool female vampire; and I believe it was one of the creations that rekindled the vampire craze that’s still going on today. I’m going to actually republish and add to the original storyline in a relaunching of Nyghtfall, only in an ongoing (10 issue set) graphic novel format beginning in 2012. If you need any more information about Nyghtfall and or the relaunching; feel free to email me. Good luck with your apps Iphone project.

  2. The search/browsing capabilities should be easy yet comprehensive like Netflix for the reader. Something visual with short descriptions.

    The app should be free for now until a few versions are tried and tested then start charging for a more robust version.

    A tool/button that could automatically convert & post an online comic into a formatted iPhone comic would be a sweet timesaver.

    I would certainly sign up as a content-provider as would a few of my associates. Rock on…Boomer

  3. One thing I’d like to see, though this may be a lot of work to do (not that the rest of it doesn’t sound like a lot of work!), is a listing of which strips are in which papers. Is there already such a listing…?

  4. Though it would be an interesting tidbit of info, I’m not too sure a list of newspapers would come in handy. Cartoonists lose/gain papers constantly. That should be reserved for each comic’s wiki entry or should be revealed on the syndicate sites.

    An iPhone app for comic strips or comic books should be envisioned as a ‘browser’. You want to clip through a comprehensive collection of comics in the easiest, cheapest and most optimized way possible. See the iPhone apps for YouTube, Photos and iPod for simplistic iPhone use. Very simple.

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