“Momics” becoming more popular

Rediff Business is reporting that mobile comics or “momics” are part of a revival of interest in comics – at least in India.

Pricing, feels Goyal, will be the major challenge and he is in talks with various telcos to make his momics affordable, because he is confident that people will get hooked to them.

Goyal also believes that the medium is one which even brands will want to advertise on. In a daily comic strip, for example, two characters could talk about having a chocolate or soft drink. This could be a new medium for brands, he envisages. The title Bike Rider, for instance, he says, could he sponsored by an automobile brand.

Mobile comics were launched once before in 2005, with a lot of fanfare. Back then, consumers were not interested, because they were not original and people felt they had already read them in the print format.

10 thoughts on ““Momics” becoming more popular

  1. The term “momic” sounds too gimmicky for my tastes.

    In fact, Mr. Goyal is quoted in the article as saying, “It’s a comic at the end of the day.”

    Even though this quote is in reference to copyrights, I think a comic is still a comic no matter the publication medium. It’s like calling a comic a “webcomic” when you’re reading it in a printed book format.

    (ducks his head …)

  2. Newspaper comics morphed from full pages to half pages to the tiny, postage-stamp sizes we have today, then to the web where they could be larger but are often quite low resolution (though many link to proper resolutions where significant detail can be found). They are all COMICS, whether web based, paper based, black and white or full color.

    But “momics”? LOL
    What about “hot momics”, “cougar momics”, “eco-momics”, “ani-momics”, “crap-on-a-shingle momics”…

    If “momics” is the best he can come up with, that’s too damn bad…

  3. I once went to a comedy club in Des Moines named “Momics” and it was all moms doing mom in-jokes the whole time.

    While the moms in the crowd were eating it up . . . I – myself – have never been more confused.

    I probably should have just gone to the Chuckle Hut.

    *** Also *** Can we – maybe – start calling Web Comics “Womics”?!? Or will that get confused with women comics?

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