Reuben Weekend – NCS Divisional Award Winners 1

Friday evening saw the National Cartoonists Society announce the winners of a half dozen of the 16 Divisional Awards for 2020 work. And the nominees and winners for those Divisional Awards:


Nominees for Advertising/Product Illustration

And the winner is…


Luke McGarry



Nominees for Greeting Cards

And the winner is…

Scott Nickel



Nominees for Online Comics Longform

And the winner is…

Tom Siddell



Nominees for Online Comics Shortform

And the winner is…

Rosemary Mosco



Nominees for Variety Entertainment

And the winner is…

John Graziano



Nominees for Magazine/Newspaper Illustration

And the winner is…

Peter Kuper 


The NCS has put the virtual awards presentations and acceptance speeches online for all to see,
along with Friday’s NCSFest events.

The awards presentation begins at 6:20:40 in the video.

More awards and other events tomorrow Saturday October 16.

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