75th Annual NCS Divisional Award Nominees part 2

The National Cartoonists Society has announced the second round of nominees for their
75th Annual Divisional Reuben Awards for work in 2020. (Earlier nominees announced here.)

MAGAZINE/NEWSPAPER ILLUSTRATION: Tom Chitty; Peter Kuper; Bob Lizarraga

                                                                  Patrick Merrell; Dave Whammond

COMIC BOOKS: Brahm Revel; Stan Sakai; Walter Simonson

GRAPHIC NOVELS: Jared Cullum; Balahy Thibault; Zoe Thorogood

ONLINE COMICS – LONG FORM: Tom Parkinson Morgan; Ariel Ries; Tom Siddell

ONLINE COMICS – SHORT FORM: Mia Mie; Rosemary Mosco; Nick Seluk

BOOK ILLUSTRATION: Rob Harrell; Ed Steckley; Janee Trasler

GREETING CARDS: Liz Climo; Scott Jensen; Scott Nickel

FEATURE ANIMATION: Michal Makarewicz; Kyle McQueen; Maria Pareja; Masaaki Yuasa

TELEVISION ANIMATION: Pedro Delgado; Valerie Fletcher; Genndy Tartakovsky

ONLINE ANIMATION: Adam Bohorquez; Sammy Moore & Ewen Stenhouse; Vincent Scala

The winners will be announced on the weekend of October 15th 2021 on NCSFest.com

2 thoughts on “75th Annual NCS Divisional Award Nominees part 2

  1. Patrick Merrell ( http://www.patrickmerrell.com/ ) was kind enough to go through back channels to let us know we had misspelled his name. But we think we owe him a public apology for our error when listing him as a nominee in the Advertising/Product Illustration category.
    We are sorry for the mistake.

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