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It’s Not Puzzling Why We Adore Sandra Boynton

With her delightful drawing, wonderful wordplay, and high-spirited humor
Sandra Boynton is one of the top cartoonists around for youngsters of all ages.

Boynton is a publishing phenomenon who’s been working since the 1970s as an author and cartoonist. Many of her works feature quirky animals who love to eat chocolate and share puns.

So it is no surprise that Sandra has spread her talents into a new venture.

“I couldn’t help but notice everyone that I knew was doing jigsaw puzzles,” she says.

Although Boynton admits she’s not good at puzzles, she figured she would be able to design some. And the result is nothing short of whimsical.

And at 300 to 1,000 pieces these jigsaw puzzles aren’t for the little ones alone.

WBUR has the story of Sandra’s puzzling move.

© Sandra Boynton

Community Comments

#1 Mary Ella
@ 4:09 pm

So is her puzzle actually going to contain a single mismatched piece? I love it!

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