Hustler Christmas Card Raises Hackles

Conservatives are indignant over the Christmas card Larry Flint’s Hustler
sent out to members of Congress during  the 2019 holiday season.

The card cover riffs on a statement Candidate Trump said during his run for President.
The inside of the card is being described as “disgusting and hateful” by Republicans.

Right wing channels have taken umbrage, as have less fanatic conservative outlets – and even liberals.

From The Daily Mail:

The card was condemned as ‘disgusting and hateful’ by Republican Mike Johnson, of Louisiana, one of several recipients.

He tweeted: ‘Here’s all you need to know about the radical Left.

‘A young staffer of mine opened this in a stack of holiday mail today.

‘Just imagine if a conservative had distributed such a disgusting and hateful piece about a Democrat. I hope this will be investigated by the @secretservice.’


Near the hand of the assassinated Trump is a piece of paper with “B.M.” on it.

I’m guessing those are the cartoonist’s initials, though none of the stories identify him or her.


Not the first time Hustler has poked at Republicans with their Christmas card.

Via Mother Jones: