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Stuff & Nonsense: Calvin and Hobbes Edition

Comic Legend: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons did a fill-in Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Earlier this month, the following bit was shared around social media: 27 years ago, the infamous November 14, 1994 colour strip of Calvin and Hobbes ran in various newspapers, the sole strip of the series not written and illustrated by […]

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Spotlight on Senior Stripper Joe Giella

93-year-old East Meadow resident [Joe Giella] has had a part in bringing heroes and villains – including Captain America, The Flash and The Joker – to life. “This is a superhero-oriented country,” Giella says. “That kept me going. I just love to draw and instead of just drawing like static figures, I like the action, […]

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Healthwatch: Mallard Fillmore, The Born Loser

© KFS This week Bruce Tinsley returned to his daily Mallard Fillmore for the first time in five months (June 2021). His lengthy leave in 2019/2020 was due to an “extended illness.” It is unknown if this sabbatical was a recurrence of that earlier problem or ????. It remains to be seen if the previous […]

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CSotD: Varying Comments on the Variant

Martyn Turner provides a good starting point by celebrating the fact that we’ve long since lost track of the starting point and it’s all ups and downs now. Turner is Irish, hence the snakes. The game we Yanks call “Chutes and Ladders” is “Snakes and Ladders” elsewhere because of its Indian origins, but it’s played […]

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Jerry Palen – RIP

STAMPEDE cartoonist Jerry Palen has passed away.   Jerry Joseph Palen July 9, 1943 – November 25, 2021 rancher, painter, sculptor, cartoonist From the obituary: In 1964, Jerry married Ann Prosser, his high school sweetheart whom he met in art class at Central High. The couple interrupted their studies at the University of Wyoming to […]

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Jesse Springer, Freelancing Editoons in Oregon

For more than a quarter century, political cartoonist Jesse Springer has parodied and highlighted the uniqueness that is Oregon. His work has appeared in many regional newspapers across the state. Springer’s latest book, “Only in Oregon” is a compilation of several hundred cartoons taking on everything from climate change to COVID-19 to gerrymandering. Jesse Springer […]

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Drew Litton, A Swell Sport

Drew Litton, sports cartoonist for The Colorado Sun and 9News (KUSA, Denver), recently got a segment on his television station celebrating “a nearly 40 year career.” That marks when he joined The Rocky Mountain News in 1982. But Drew began his newspaper career four years before that with The El Paso Times as copy boy/photographer/editorial […]

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CSotD: The Battle of the Golden Arches

Tank McNamara (AMS) sets the stage with a straightforward explanation of how we allow ourselves to be exploited. In 1980, Jimmy Carter pulled the United States out of the Moscow Olympics to protest the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, and the US was joined by 64 other countries. It was a major embarrassment for the […]

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The Art of The News: Comics Journalism

The Art of the News: Comics Journalism opens at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in the Fall of 2021. At a time of eroded public faith in traditional news media, comics journalism has emerged as a powerful antidote to the dissemination of inaccurate information and fake news. Practitioners in this field re-assert the ethical […]

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Down Are The Days

With Thanksgiving done and gone it’s time to start thinking about buying … calendars for the upcoming year. Here we consider comics related calendars for 2022, and the Hogan’s Alley store has a fine selection of classics available. Krazy Kat, Polly and Her Pals, Little Nemo, and The Yellow Kid for those, like me, who […]

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CSotD: Hitting the Road Again

Well, yes, Ethel, there is that: Willie ‘n Ethel comment on my first year-and-a-half as a retired person. The pandemic was indeed a lovely ego-crutch, though, as noted here, I did just sneak out to visit family in Minnesota. Please don’t tell my credit card.   Though, as Kevin Kallaugher notes, coffee break is over […]

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Hilary F. Campbell, Murder Book & Killer Cartoons

  New Yorker cartoonist Hilary Fitgerald Campbell is far too young to have a full-blown biography, so this Press Democrat profile will suffice. When Campbell was a kid, a sketch of Charles Schulz’s Snoopy hung in the hallway of her Sonoma home, a gift from Schulz to her mother. Campbell’s grandfather, the late Daniel Vaughan, […]

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CSotD: Leftovers

Monty (AMS)‘s pal Moondog is still hauling a turkey around and aren’t we all? Thanksgiving leftovers are something people in cartoons complain about but that I suspect people in real life not only don’t mind but actually enjoy. The microwave really shines this time of year, when you can quickly recreate Thanksgiving dinner in miniature, […]

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Times-Tribune Editoonist John Cole Interviewed

John Cole has been the editorial cartoonist for the Scranton (Pa) Times-Tribune since 2005. He also moonlights once a week for NC Policy Watch (he had spent twenty years previous to The Times-Tribune as staff artist/cartoonist for the Durham Herald-Sun). John recently sat down with Ed Pikulski for a twenty minute interview. The topics ranged […]

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The Ultimate Caniff Terry and the Pirates Collection

Milton Caniff’s Terry and the Pirates comic strip has been collected in a number of formats – from Big Little Books to complete collections.     But now comes the last word for Terry and the Pirates in book form. The Library of American Comics and Clover Press are proud to publish Terry and the Pirates: […]

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