Drew Litton, A Swell Sport

Drew Litton, sports cartoonist for The Colorado Sun and 9News (KUSA, Denver), recently got a segment on his television station celebrating “a nearly 40 year career.” That marks when he joined The Rocky Mountain News in 1982. But Drew began his newspaper career four years before that with The El Paso Times as copy boy/photographer/editorial and sports cartoonist. While they may ignore his early stuff we have no qualms about embarrassing him with it.


The news segment has Drew discussing his early life and his forty years with Colorado sports franchises – good times and bad times. For Drew personally it has been mostly good times.

Watch the 4½ minute segment at 9News about his local cartooning.

But Drew also goes national with his Win Lose or Drew panels.

The tv news report ends with a promo for Drew’s new 2022 calendar, so we’ll do the same.


p.s.: For those of you not Colorado sports fans, there’s always Drew’s Patreon site.