Down Are The Days

With Thanksgiving done and gone it’s time to start thinking about buying …
calendars for the upcoming year.

Here we consider comics related calendars for 2022, and the Hogan’s Alley store has a fine selection of classics available. Krazy Kat, Polly and Her Pals, Little Nemo, and The Yellow Kid for those, like me, who are old enough to remember reading those in the Sunday funny pages, or for the youngsters who enjoyed them second hand.



Alternately Bud Plant’s Art Books has a fine collection of comic art
and fantasy illustration and pop culture 2022 calendar selections.



Along with Heath Robinson and Sir John Tenniel above,
there is more for British comics fans from the DC Thompson Shop.


Far be it for us to neglect our sisters. GoComics and Andrews McMeel offer 2022 calendars featuring your favorite comic characters from Dilbert to Peanuts, from Garfield to Zits; in Day-to-Day, Wall, and other formats.


And if your favorite cartoonist isn’t in any of the above,
there’s decent shot at finding a calendar by them with an internet search.

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