Stuff & Nonsense: Calvin and Hobbes Edition

Comic Legend: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons did a fill-in Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

Earlier this month, the following bit was shared around social media:

27 years ago, the infamous November 14, 1994 colour strip of Calvin and Hobbes ran in various newspapers, the sole strip of the series not written and illustrated by strip creator Bill Watterson. It was also the first and only colour strip to be created by legendary comic writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons, who were hired by Universal Press Syndicate to capitalize on the popularity of the strip while Watterson was on his second 9-month sabbatical from April 4th-December 31, 1994 …

… Watterson himself, who as we all know, is fiercely protective of integrity of Calvin and Hobbes, was furious with Universal Press going behind his back to produce this, and as a result, all remaining prints of the strip at the syndication offices were destroyed and has been omitted from the Calvin and Hobbes collections that have been released throughout the years.

Brian Cronin blows the lid of this bit of internet nonsense, showing where the images came from
and the original Calvin and Hobbes strip from November 14, 1994 (which was a Monday).