Times-Tribune Editoonist John Cole Interviewed

John Cole has been the editorial cartoonist for the Scranton (Pa) Times-Tribune since 2005. He also moonlights once a week for NC Policy Watch (he had spent twenty years previous to The Times-Tribune as staff artist/cartoonist for the Durham Herald-Sun).

John recently sat down with Ed Pikulski for a twenty minute interview.

The topics ranged from local politics (“an embarrassment of riches”) to the state legislature (“low hanging fruit”). On using well-known images because readers instantly know the comparison and drawing caricatures that occasionally offend (Mark Knight’s Serena cartoon was legitimate).

He also notes that politicians get an occasional pat on the back (unfortunately it usualy in an obit cartoon) and touches on the shrinking career opportunities in his chosen profession.

For all that and more listen to the 20 minute interview here.

John Cole is syndicated by Cagle Cartoons.

cartoons © Scranton Times-Tribune and NC Policy Watch