Healthwatch: Mallard Fillmore, The Born Loser


This week Bruce Tinsley returned to his daily Mallard Fillmore for the first time in five months (June 2021). His lengthy leave in 2019/2020 was due to an “extended illness.” It is unknown if this sabbatical was a recurrence of that earlier problem or ????. It remains to be seen if the previous pattern of Bruce creating the Monday through Wednesday dailies and Loren Fishman doing the Thursday through Saturday strips will be restored. 



The Born Loser dailies have been in reprint status for the month of November and this past Sunday the Sundays also went rerun. Chip Sansom has explained the reason in the comments section at GoComics:

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the strip is temporarily in reruns (selected by my wonderful editor), due to an unexpected surgery and subsequent recuperation. This is no secret, as anyone who reads the strips can see the original year of publication on the copyright. I will be back working on the strip as soon as my doctors clear it. In the meantime, I will continue to interact with my readers whenever possible through the daily comments on GoComics. 🙂

And he does regularly respond to those who comment on his strip.

We wish Chip a swift and full recovery.