Stephanie Piro has new book and ‘My Name is Earl’ connection (Updated)

Six Chix cartoonist Stephanie Piro has a couple of exciting tidbits of news. She has a new book out called, My Cat Loves Me Naked. Get it at

AND set your DVD-Rs and Tivos to record My Name is Earl this week. According to E&P the show contacted her and asked her to sign a release form as one of the characters will, might, possibly, we’ll see, hopefully, be wearing one of her T-shirt designs.  First one to post the scene in the comments will win… nothing. I probably ought to invest in some schwag to give out for stuff like this – and by schwag I mean cheap trinkets and not cheap weed.

UPDATE: I missed last weeks episode, but an e-mail from Stephanie tells me that the shirt didn’t make it into the show. BUT that doesn’t mean it might not in the future. Now that the show has the permission to use it and the shirt itself is in the “costume stock,” it might be used in a later episode.  Be on the look out!