Garry Trudeau featured in Washington Post Magazine

I just spent a half hour reading The Washington Post Magazine’s article on Garry Trudeau called Doonesbury’s War.  In the hectic Monday morning before rushing to work, nothing gets that much attention from me, but this article is well worth my time. I hope you’ll take some time to read it.  As private as Garry is, (and the article will tell you why), I don’t think we’ll see another extended glimpse into his life until he passes away decades from now.

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4 thoughts on “Garry Trudeau featured in Washington Post Magazine

  1. VERY cool article and well worth the time for any “Doonesbury” fan. Caution: once you start reading, it’s hard to stop…

  2. I don’t think you necessarily have to be a fan of the feature. I’ve always beeen on the opposite side of the political camp as Garry and never impressed with the drawing style – so I’ve never taken to his strip – but in this last year of doing this blog, I’ve come to appreciate him as an individual. I think he’s demonstrates a lot of class and is very effective in using his status to further some very worthy causes. I rank him up in the top of my list of people I’d like to meet someday.

  3. What I find interesting in that picture is that the shading film is apparently used. I always thought they all use computer now, but apparently some still use the old fashioned dot pattern sheets.

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