2007 Best Political Cartoons of the Year book coming

Cagle has posted news that he’s wrapped up the book The Best Political Cartoons of the Year, 2007 and that it will be on bookstore shelves before Christmas. The book will have 288 pages and you will also be available in electronic version.  Cagle also addresses a lot of complaints editorial cartoonists have leveled at him over the years about his book.

Yet another complaint I hear is that the selection of cartoons for the book are not “important” enough – meaning that the book should be all Bush bashing and Iraq, without much mention of Mel Gibson, Brokeback Mountain, Katie Couric or Spinach. If we let cartoonists submit their work for the book we would have very different cartoons, as the cartoonists would emphasize more “serious” subjects. I want the book to be a cartoon history book that accurately reflects the topics that cartoonists were really drawing about during the year, in the correct proportions to what they really drew. This year readers have grown tired of Iraq and the cartoonists were drawing fewer Iraq cartoons; our Iraq chapters are smaller than in the past – however we have more cartoons about Hezbollah, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and Hamas’ election victory, so there is plenty of war in the book. The cartoonists will complain that our book has Spinach cartoons – even though they were the ones drawing all those Popeye cartoons.

Cartooning is a negative art form. I think it is natural for cartoonists to complain.

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