Garry Trudeau featured in Washington Post Magazine

I just spent a half hour reading The Washington Post Magazine’s article on Garry Trudeau called Doonesbury’s War.  In the hectic Monday morning before rushing to work, nothing gets that much attention from me, but this article is well worth my time. I hope you’ll take some time to read it.  As private as Garry is, (and the article will tell you why), I don’t think we’ll see another extended glimpse into his life until he passes away decades from now.

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If youv’e ever wondered who submits ideas to Pluggers…

Dallas Morning News columnist Mike Peters as a write up about Reed Hover – a texan who has submitted sent in hundreds of ideas to Pluggers, the panel first created by Jeff MacNelly, now drawn by Gary Brookins.  Gary says he get’s a lot of submissions from Texas as well as a guy named Brad from South Carolina. Over-all he gets a hundred ideas via mail and hundreds more via email.

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