Discussion: I’d rather lose my left (or right) hand if I had to give up using…

Back in the mid-90’s I was watching a video that Tribune Media Services distributed to newspapers to promote Jeff MacNelly. Half way through I noticed Jeff was using some kind of pen that made thin and narrow strokes like it was a brush – but it definitely was a pen.  I did slow-mo several times trying to figure out what he was using. I finally emailed Chris Cassatt who was Jeff’s assistant at the time and asked him what he was using. He wrote back telling me it was a brush pen that could only be purchased from an art store in Canada and also gave me contact information on how to order one – which I immediately did.  Since then, that brush pen (I still use the original) has been irreplaceable. I love the freedom of being able to work away from my desk and not have to carry around an ink bottle and cup of water to clean the brush.

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Orphan Works Act update – please read!

I’ve been following the Orphan Works Act and it looks like it’s making good speed through the House.  Over a Cagle’s blog, he’s posted a stirring story from Michiko Stehrenberger, a cartoon illustrator and character designer who took on a big tobacco company who used her work illegally. Because of current copyright law, she was able to win, but if the Orphan Woks Act were in effect she would have never had a chance.

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Terri Libenson picks up two new papers and then picks up after her kids

The Republican (no, really, a newspaper in Massachusetts called the Republican!), has picked up the Pajama Diaries while Cathy is away on vacation and The Chronicle-Telegram (Ohio) has picked up the Sunday version.Meanwhile, Terri Libenson, Pajama Diaries creator, is getting a favorable write up about her balancing working as a writer for American Greetings, comic stripper, AND work from home mother of two.  The Chronicle article also has tidbits on her goals for the strip.She was also a guest on the Washington Post’s Meet the Artist live chat last Friday.Pajama Diaries was launched back in April by King Features.

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