Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett talk about the creation of On a Claire Day

The Portsmouth Herald has an interesting write-up on husband-wife creators of On a Claire Day. Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett’s feature was launched in April by Creators.

From the article:

After meeting Beckett, Ventresca began making single panel cartoons. Beckett encouraged her to start her own comic and the two of them began discussing ideas together.

Ventresca says, “Before we knew it, we were writing it together.” Beckett says his history in music has helped him with “On a Claire Day.” He says in working with both music and comics, there is not a lot of space for words.

He says word choice is present and important in both songwriting and comics and they both include “taking words and making them do their best duty.” The pair gathered their ideas for the comic from what was going on in their own lives.

Beckett says, “We were starting our own adult lives and we realized we were clueless about certain things. About what we needed to know to survive adulthood.” While they say they felt there were many enjoyable and funny comics out there, Ventresca and Beckett did not think there were comics that addressed all the issues they were encountering.

It’s an interesting read. I’ve always wondered how a husband/wife partnership would function in the creation of a comic strip. I’m only aware of one other couple – Carol and Jack Bender who do “Alley Oop.”  As much as I love my wife, I don’t think I could collaborate with her – hour humor and working style is so different.

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