Henry Payne illustrates children’s book on balding

Detroit News editorial cartoonist, Henry Payne has collaborated with a local first-time author Joe O’Connor to create a book called “Where Did Daddy’s Hair Go? The book, published by Random House Children’s Books is about an inquisitive boy and his bald father.

From the Detroit News article:

Initially self-published and quickly picked up by Random House Children’s Books, their new, 36-page picture book tells the story of little Jeremiah Jensen’s quest to find his dad’s missing hair — hair the little boy didn’t even notice was missing until a bully sitting behind them at a ball game yelled, “Hey, Baldy — sit down!”

Puzzled, Jeremiah starts looking high and low for the lost hair — in drawers, cupboards, the toilet, trash cans, sewers, even under rocks — and eventually asks his dad: “Did it hurt when your hair came out? Did it bleed? Did you cry?”

Payne’s clever illustration of “ouch-aids” bandages dotting the dad’s shiny head brings the simple text to life.

The book hit bookstores in May of this year and is already into it’s second printing.

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