Jules Feiffer book to be made into theatrical production

Disney Theatrical Productions has announced that they will be making a musical based on Jules Feiffer’s book The Man in the CeilingThe music and lyrics will be done by Andrew Lippa.

From the story:

The Man in the Ceiling “tells the tale of Jimmy Jibbet, a boy-cartoonist who dreams of becoming a successful artist despite the expectations of everyone around him,” state press notes.

?From the moment I first read this book I knew it could be a spectacular stage musical,? said Lippa. ?It has superheroes, show-folk, delightful characters and, at the center, a boy who wants to be a cartoonist in a world that screams ?being an artist is an impossible dream!?  Jules? point of view is unique and the book is dazzling and moving ? often at the same time.  I can?t wait to give musical voice to this story.?

The story doesn’t state a timeline for when the musical will be complete or where it will be shown, but notes that Disney Theatrical Productions is the company behind such award winning Broadway musicals as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

Hat tip to Comics Reporter.

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