Cartoonists attending San Diego Comic-Con (Updated)

Here’s what I’ve been able to come up with as a list of who to expect at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con:

GoComics will have a table (#1220) and will be selling their “The Complete Far Side” or “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes” collections.

Representatives of Tokyopop will be on hand on Thursday to deliver a presentation at 10:30 a.m. then again on 2 p.m. Friday.

Steve Moore, In the Bleachers, will be presenting along with others from Sony Animation to discuss the upcoming movie “Open Season” which is based on his humor.  The movie opens September 29, 2006.  Steve’s presentation is for 1 p.m. on Thursday.

Aaron McGruder, The Boondocks, will be a presenter on Friday (5-6pm) along with members of the cast of his television show as they discuss the release of the first season DVD.

Paige Braddock, Jane’s World, is a Eisner Award nominee for best writer/artist-humor category. The Eisner Awards will be presented on Friday.

Brian Walker – will be presenting on several topics – the Museum of Cartoon Art, production process for Beetle Bailey and Hi and Louis as well a presentation on his two-volume book: The comics before 1945 and The Comics Since 1945.

I’m sure there are more. If you know of them, please let me know and I’ll update the list.

Craig Boldman, Chairman of the Great Lakes Chapter of NCS, writes in to tell me that the National Cartoonist Society has a booth at the convention and that we’ll be participating in the Archie 65th Anniversary panel on Sunday morning at 10:30-11:30, Room 1AB.
Robert Gidley writes in to tell me that Brian Walker, Beetle Bailey, Dan Piraro, Bizarro, Jeff Keane, Family Circus, Michael Jantze, The Norm, and Andrew Feinstein Girls and Sports will be participants in a panel called “Producing A Daily Comic Strip – How Hard Can That Be? This panel is on Saturday from 2:30 through 4:00 in room 1A

Also,  Keith Knight, K Chronicles, and (th)ink will be there according to his blog. It’s unclear if he’s just a attendee or a presenter.