Insanity Streak Gets U.S. Syndication

Insanity Streak, the comic panel by Australian Tony Lopes, was introduced to North American funnies fans two months ago when Comics Kingdom began running it on their website. Now King Features Syndicate will be introducing the comic to newspaper readers in the U.S. (and Canada?).

King recently released a press kit for Insanity Streak announcing it’s distribution to print and digital outlets.

Says the promotional piece:

The punchline is nearer than ever! Tony Lopes’ witty comic strip Insanity Streak supplies us with much-needed comedic relief. Labeled as a strip “with an obsessive desire for the absurd,” crisp and colorful Insanity Streak is unbounded by a storyline, characters, or locations, and the jokes are limitless.?? Insanity Streak will take your readers anywhere and everywhere — just don’t forget to bring a bit of humor for the road.

Unlike the current six days a week schedule of Comics Kingdom’s web version the print edition will be daily and Sunday. It is thought that Comics Kingdom will take up the Sunday page when that starts.

Auspac Media has been syndicating the comic panel around the world, now North America will join in on the joke.

Like the other recently introduced KFS print comics we have no start date for newspaper availability.

Insanity Streak

by Tony Lopes

2023(? – start date undetermined)

King Features Syndicate

[first appeared in 1992 in Australia]

5 thoughts on “Insanity Streak Gets U.S. Syndication

  1. Not to be confused with K. Meehan’s late 1990’s-2005 “Meehan Streak” (for the last year almost became “Tribal Meehan Streak”) comic strip.

  2. I wonder if KFS will offer “Insanity Streak” as a replacement for The Lockhorns even though in 2024 the Lockhorns move from King Features to Andrews-McMeel?

    1. I would think that Nate Fakes’ Break of Day would be a better offering to editors to replace The Lockhorns. Rejiggering the dimensions of the panel it would fit nicely into a paper’s Lockhorn space. And a shot at the 400+ Lockhorn papers would be a great start if KFS does go ahead with Break of Day syndication.

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