Alice by Andrea Beizer Available for Print

King Features Syndicate has released a press kit for Alice by Andrea E. Beizer.

In February of 2023 the strip began appearing on Comics Kingdom but it has been around, off and on, since 1984. Or maybe 1985.

King Features’ strip description:

Alice’s struggles to find her way in the world as a woman and an individual are universal and highly relatable. Creator Andrea Beizer’s unique perspective and clever use of metaphors, quips and double entendres add depth to this entertaining strip that will delight and engage readers.

By the way, those aliens are a regular part of the cast.

The panel will be offered to print and digital outlets threes times a week.

Perhaps newspapers can partner it up with the twice a week Olive and Popeye strip to fill put a five day week publishing schedule – it seems most papers no longer print six daily editions per week.


by Andrea E. Beizer

2023(? – unsure of when the strip is first offered to print newspapers)

three times a week

King Features Syndicate

[the comic first appeared in 1984 or 1985 in Philadelphia Architect]

[previously (2010s) distributed by Ink Bottle Syndication]

Congratulations to Andrea!

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