Comiclicious Available to Print Newspapers

Comiclicious by Olivera (“Liv”) Vukovic began as a webcomic in July 2017. In April of this year Comics Kingdom picked it up. In June the Comics Kingdom blog gave us a nice introduction to the strip.

Now King Features Syndicate has released a press kit announcing that the strip is available to print newspapers.

What we noticed was the the formats in which the comic strip is offered:

A LinkedIn post from two days ago confirms the availability to print outlets:

Categories: Humor, Offbeat
Frequency: Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Format: Available for print and digital

Unknown the exact date Comiclicious was/will be offered to newspapers or if any have picked it up.

So, for the moment:


by Olivera Vukovic

(November?) 2023 –


King Features Syndicate

(1st appeared as a webcomic in July 2017)

Congratulations to Olivera!

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