Conservative Media Bash Washington Post for Deleting Ramirez’s Hamas Cartoon

The first 24 hours after The Washington Post printed a Michael Ramirez cartoon about Hamas tactics saw a liberal flood of reaction calling the cartoon “racist” and “despicable.” The past 24 hours has seen conservative media blast the liberal Washington Post for deleting a cartoon the newspaper belatedly deemed inappropriate.

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From Media Research Center’s Newsbusters:

The woke inmates run the asylum at the Washington Post as executive editor Sally Buzbee apologized to staff on Wednesday for running a cartoon condemning Hamas that some considered racist and insensitive.

From OutKick:

Thursday, the Washington Post deleted an editorial cartoon that criticized Hamas, the terror group currently massacring Jews.

The outlet then apologized for the drawing after readers and staffers called the photo — wait for it — racist.

The Blaze:

The truth be damned, readers of the Washington Post were outraged over the cartoon.

In response, the Washington Post — whose slogan is “democracy dies in darkness” — cast a long, dark shadow over the truth and unpublished the cartoon.


The Washington Post has taken down a cartoon by conservative artist Michael P. Ramirez that mocked Hamas, after criticisms by readers and a revolt by staff members.

Legal Insurrection:

In February 2017, a month after Donald Trump was sworn into office, the Washington Post proudly announced a change in its online masthead, with it reading “Democracy dies in darkness.”

These days, democracy is dying in anti-Semitism thanks to the Post‘s cowardly decision to yank a cartoon done by Las Vegas Journal-Review cartoonist Michael Ramirez, which was originally published Monday, because it sparked an outcry among triggered anti-Israel staffers, readers, and other assorted Useful Idiots who claimed it was “racist” and allegedly unfairly put the lion’s share of the blame for civilian deaths in Gaza on Hamas terrorists and not Israel.


The Washington Post has bent the knee and removed from its papers a cartoon mocking the murderous terrorist organization known as Hamas.

The Post removed Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez’s drawing on Thursday after “woke” left-wing zealots complained that the cartoon was somehow horrifically offensive, racist, Islamophobic, etc.

American Thinker:

Washington Post grovels to Hamas mob, censors a Michael Ramirez cartoon

Ramirez didn’t deserve this. He is a former colleague of mine from our days at Investor’s Business Daily and I don’t know how he takes it, particularly when you observe him creating his art with such care and time spent. He’s a genius, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and the Washington Post has disgraced itself by bowing to the censorship mob, effectively doing Hamas’s public relations work for it, by suppressing his original creation.


Given how radically left-wing so many “prestigious” newsrooms have become, I really shouldn’t keep getting surprised by stories like this — but I still do.  The Washington Post published an editorial cartoon on its website this week depicting a Hamas leader criticizing Israel for inflicting civilian casualties, while civilians are literally strapped to his body…

That image is no longer available on the Post’s website, however.  Why?  Apparently, the newsroom had a meltdown over it, and management decided to censor the cartoon at the behest of offended journalists and some readers.

Rebel News:

The Washington Post is going through a woke struggle session following the publication of a political cartoon that satirized the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas.

The feature image comes from Fox News:

Conservative criticism is mounting against The Washington Post for pulling an anti-Hamas political cartoon after some staffers expressed “deep concerns” about the panel.

The deletion and The Post’s subsequent apology angered some conservative political commentators online, who bashed the outlet for refusing to stand by the cartoon.

“Let the word go forth, for the woke have spoken: terrorist groups using human shields is not problematic,” political consultant Noah Pollak wrote in a post on X. “But making fun of terrorist groups using human shields is deeply problematic.”

“Kind of surprised the Washington Post pulled this cartoon, given that it’s a completely accurate depiction of Hamas’s tactics,” The Bulwark’s Sonny Bunch wrote on X. 

Journalist Jeryl Bier wrote that he was not convinced of The Post’s reasoning behind its apology. “I am skeptical that retracting a cartoon because some people complain is the ‘spirit of opinion journalism.’”

4 thoughts on “Conservative Media Bash Washington Post for Deleting Ramirez’s Hamas Cartoon

  1. I’m far from conservative, but I fail to see anything wrong with this cartoon. It’s an editorial. It’s supposed to be making a challenging point. It’s caricature. The features are exaggerated because that’s how caricature works.

    1. Same here. I think the cartoonist is usually one of the most dishonest out there, parroting every RW talking point, no matter if it’s true or not. But this time he nailed it. HAMAS does hide behind civilians because they want civilian casualties. Unfortunately, the current RW Israeli government is quite happy to oblige.

  2. My first editor was fond of saying ‘if you’ve pissed off both sides, you’ve done your job.”

    That was then; now if you pissed off both sides — to this degree — it just shows you don’t know what the #@$% you’re doing.

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