Court Artists On Trial at Trump Fraud Case

It began with Kayliegh McEnany, former spokeswoman and still disciple of Donald Trump, in her current role as a Fox TV talking head, being unhappy with the courtroom sketch of her leader:

Asked about what advice she would give him during the trial, she said: “Keep doing what he’s doing. Look, I would advise him to ask for a better sketch artist, because it does not look like my former boss there.”

Elizabeth Williams/AP via Fox News

Newsweek, carrying the story, continued with another McEnany quote:

“This is a travesty of justice,” McEnany said. “And that sketch is a travesty too. It looks nothing like Trump.”

The unhappiness with the portraiture of the former President and his family continued as Fox TV’s print cousin, The New York Post, pulled various comments from social media about the other sketch artist at the trial:

But many online observers claimed the Reuters artist’s portrayal of Trump’s designer-wearing daughter — showing her long blond hair framing her face, which had a pensive expression as she was questioned by state prosecutors — was unflattering.

“Damn what did Ivanka Trump do to that court sketch artist cause this feels like a grudge,” one person posted on X.

“This sketch artist should be charged with a crime!,” another wrote.

Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

The Post quoted Jane Rosenberg, the Reuters court artist:

“It’s very hard to capture the subtleties of her likeness in such a short time,” Rosenberg said. “She’s smooth and perfect! Tell my models to hold still and give me more time! Apologies to Ivanka!”

Rosenberg added that it wasn’t easy being targeted by keyboard critics, writing in an email, “This bashing of courtroom artists is really hard to take.”

As for the Elizabeth Williams, the AP court artist that upset McEnany, Newsweek followed up:

“As a courtroom artist since 1980, I’ve never seen such a third rail as Donald Trump,” Williams said. “When I drew him in 1986 during the USFL/NFL trial, no one knew or really cared about Donald Trump. Now that he was president and a leader of a huge political movement, it’s a whole different story.”

“When I drew him in Miami that artwork was criticized because it made him look too young,” she added. “When I drew him on the stand for the sanctions hearing, that drawing ended up on SNL. Now this.”

“This dumping on court artists has now become part of our business. I am getting used to it.”

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5 thoughts on “Court Artists On Trial at Trump Fraud Case

  1. What, is Kaylie disappointed they didn’t let Ben Garrison or Jon McNaughton go in there and draw her former boss with washboard abs and normal hair?

    Of freaking course these yutzes are going throw a fit over the sketches. They haven’t actually made anything creatively for work or pleasure since childhood, most likely, and they don’t know anything about the purpose of courtroom sketches because that would require actually shutting their cake holes long enough to learn something. Fox News has to fill 24 hours somehow, I suppose.

  2. Man, criticizing court artists! Nothing better to editorialize about? Get a life! Or, better, get a reasonable perspective on what is important happening around us! But Fox and their right wing friends look for anything that can be criticized, however trivial.

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