More Past Week Comics This Week

Before we get too far away some more comments on yesterday’s and last week’s comics.

It didn’t take long for the Sunday Blondie to match the daily Blondie’s new color scheme.

The new, mostly background, color approach on Blondie began with the April 22, 2024 daily comic strip.

At least Dan Thompson got good use out of the new political buzzword ‘bloodbath’ in Sunday’s Brevity.

By the way Dan has a new comics project at his Patreon site:

Hey! I’m creating a new Crime-Noir comic over on #patreon . If you would like to support my efforts, I would love it!

This will be a serious not satiric effort.

Thought I had stumbled onto an episode of Kitchen Capers when Sunday’s Heart of the City came on-screen.

By the way, that was a pretty fast repeat for the May 1st Kitchen Capers. And why is it now a Wednesday comic and not a Monday issue as has been the routine for the past twelve years. Has David Banks retired the strip?

Always happy to see a cartoonist go back to his comic book roots

© DC Comics

as Ruben Bolling does with this past week’s Tom the Dancing Bug.

Comic I Did Understand.

And Wayno didn’t explain the Bizarro gag in his weekend blog:

I like this gag because the payoff is out of frame, and only appears in the reader’s mind, and it happened in the past, so it’s twice-removed from the scene we see.

2 thoughts on “More Past Week Comics This Week

  1. Not to sound like Comic Book Guy, but “The Simpsons” did the Bloodbath and Beyond joke in 1997

  2. For the Bizarre gag, I presume the reference is to extraterrestrial involvement in Crop Circles. I had to phone home for some help with that one.

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