Clay Passes Lou; Sets Sights on Cal

Major League Baseball notes:

On June 1, 1925, Lou Gehrig played in the first of what would be 2,130 consecutive games, a mark that stood as the longest consecutive games played streak in MLB history until Cal Ripken Jr. played in his 2,131st on Sept. 6, 1995, to break it.

Two years ago we noted that Clay Jones had issued an editorial cartoon every day for five years on GoComics.

That would be … um, 365 x 5 + 1 leap day = … 1826 days. Since then Clay has gone another two years without missing a game day. 1826 + 365 + 366 = 2557 as of May 5, 2024.

above: Clay Jones May 6, 2017 (left) and Clay Jones May 5, 2024 (right) – 2, 557 consecutive days, seven years, of editoons.

Ripken’s [streak], of course, would last 2,632 games, until Sept. 20, 1998.

Okay, we blew it by not celebrating Clay passing Gehrig’s record 14 months ago;

but we’ve got July 20, 2024 marked on our calendar in case Clay beats Cal.

We’re cheering for Clay.

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  1. Thank you so much, DD, and Daily Cartoonist. I love the baseball comparison. I’m still waiting to win my world series.

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