J. D. Crowe Says “I Am Not Dead”

J.D. Crowe has been missing for the past four months.

JD’s last editorial cartoon was in late June and his last Crowe Jam newsletter was a few days before that. He has also been silent on social media. Yesterday he told his friends and fans why – and it hasn’t been pretty.

JD tells us:

Dear friends: I am not dead.

Sometime in early July, I was blindsided – abducted, attacked… by something. I stepped on a trap door, slid down a rabbit hole and fell into a hospital bed in a small room surrounded by doctors in white coats holding clipboards. “Perplexing,” one said. The others nodded. A mortician crouched in the corner.

Rapid weight loss. Distaste for food. Insomnia. Who was this shrinking, feeble old guy with the haunted look in his eyes? Worst. Prank. Ever. Somebody got me good this time.

JD continues:

By mid-September, I was headed back to the hospital and most likely a feeding tube.

But first, an eye exam. I was overdue for a new prescription, but bigger worries kept me from making an appointment. The morning I woke up seeing double sealed the deal.

Dr. Stephanie Montgomery almost came out of her seat on the other side of the examination viewfinder as a blinding orb of light emerged from behind my right eye. “Wow, that’s a lot of inflammation!”

Home with a diagnosis: Sarcoidosis [link added], a rare autoimmune disease. Not cancer, which is what the doctors suspected. Treatable. It’s in our family history. Sarcoid wasn’t on any “rare disease” lists when it almost killed our mother 35 years ago.

My eye doctor found evidence of the culprit hiding behind my right eye during a routine exam, which was key in unlocking the mystery.

JD is now recuperating.

I am now 2 weeks into an intensive steroid treatment plan. It’s all the rage. I’ve never felt more alive.

I’m still dealing with double vision, but that should gradually clear up. Until then, when I see you out in public, I will enjoy seeing all of you twice as much.

I will soon be back in full farce.

Read of the full experience and explanation at JD’s Facebook page.

We wish JD all the best and eagerly await his return to full operating capabilities.

11 thoughts on “J. D. Crowe Says “I Am Not Dead”

  1. All the Best to you for a speedy recovery! Clearing up the mystery now makes it a fair fight, All the Best, Deborah

  2. Thanks Mike for this update. JD, all of the best for a speedy recovery. We are so in need of your thughtful views and wit in very red Alabama.

  3. JD, So glad you discovered the reason for your ill health. I appreciate you sharing about the eye issues and your progress. Personally I can’t wait to start jamming’ again…you take care and I’ll be praying for your recovery so you can come roaring back in “full farce”!!!

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