Hey Kids! Comics!

Below are some comic strip and cartoon books scheduled for October 2023 release.
Images and links (mostly) via Amazon,
though ordering through your local comic shop or independent book store is a good idea.

The Great Pencil Quest

Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection Vol. 6: 1940 – The Time of Cholera

Poor Helpless Comics!: The Cartoons (and More) of Ed Subitzky (preview) (review)


The Complete Dick Tracy: Vol. 1 1931-1933; The Complete Dick Tracy: Vol. 2 1933-1935

These are reissues of the first six volumes to bring them up-to-size of volumes seven and up.

Dauntless Dames: High-Heeled Heroes of the Comics

Things Are Looking Up


The Art of George Wilson

Macanudo: Optimism Is for the Brave

The Bloom County Library: Book Three (paperback edition)

Working With Ditko

Bite Sized Archie: Going Viral

For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library, Vol. 7

The John Severin Westerns Featuring American Eagle

Unicorn for a Day

Snoopy: Touchdown!

Eerie Archives Volume 1; Creepy Archives Volume 2 (Stories by Archie Goodwin in time for Halloween!)

Pluto Rocket: Joe Pidge Flips a Lid

Looking Up

Tired Town

I Must Be Dreaming

Think Like a Cartoonist

Watership Down: The Graphic Novel

Buffalo Gals Volume 4

Picturing the Game An Illustrated Story of Hockey (Bado’s preview/review)

The Power of Comics and Graphic Novels

Richard Stark’s Parker: The Complete Collection

Melvin Monster (John Stanley Library) (fun monster stories for Halloween)

The Chillingly Weird Art Of Matt Fox (Halloween nightmares)

Back to the Moon

THE POET Volume One: 2020

Genius, Animated: The Cartoon Art of Alex Toth (paperback edition)

Engine of Change (Rube Goldberg and His Amazing Machines #3)

The Ghastly Ones & Other Fiendish Frolics (another Halloween book)

Nothing Ever Happens on a Gray Day (missed in September)

The Mysteries

feature image by and © Jim Engel

2 thoughts on “Hey Kids! Comics!

  1. The “Wallace the Brave” collections are charming, but seriously flawed by the publisher’s insistence on producing them in “portrait” format. Ssince Will Henry (thankfully) does not have to stick to the (tiresome) three- or four-panel standards that syndicates prefer and/or dictate, the strips have to be cut and reformatted to fit on the book’s pages. Printing the collections in landscape format with two daily strips on each page would have been a much better idea.

  2. That Watership Down graphic novel looks beautiful. My favorite novel ever, so I’ll be picking that up eventually.

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