The Resurrection of The Bad Cartoonist?

It seems The Bad Cartoonist has resurfaced.

Who? You might ask.

For those who weren’t around then, and for those of us who have forgotten him/her long ago, let’s recap.

Back in 2008 there was, as Alan Gardner described at the time:

… an anonymous editorial cartoonist has created a blog called Bad Cartoonist who seeks to point out the less then stellar in the field. His posts have so far taken pot shots at cartoonists at every level of the profession – from the younger generation to the venerable Pulitzer Prize winners.

Alan Gardner interviewed The Bad Cartoonist for The Daily Cartoonist in February 2008 which generated quite a bit of commentary from professional editorial cartoonists about Bad Cartoonist’s critiques – mostly criticizing the personal attacks more than any objective look at the work.

The site was around for a short time and then went dead.

Here via The Wayback Machine is the short, not sweet, The Bad Cartoonist blog.

Now the ghost of The Bad Cartoonist has been reawakened and his/her identity has once again become a topic.

From today’s Frog Applause:

Apparently the identity is being discussed among cartoonists – as Teresa Burritt says, “Stay Tooned.”

By the way, the Bad Cartoonist domain has been revived as something completely different, but still anonymous.

Is that all there is?

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