Dropping the New in Newspaper

Hard copy newspapers are already behind the times versus digital news platforms so what’s another day or two?

Lee Enterprises, which purchased the Buffalo News in 2020, announced in February it would be printing editions at the Plain Dealer’s facility in Cleveland and trucking the papers in for local delivery. The last locally printed edition came off the press Saturday night [September 30], according to the guild.

The Niagra Gazette (via Yahoo) reports that The Buffalo News, a major newspaper, will now be printing its hard copy editions 200 miles and three driving hours (on a good morning) away from the city where the news takes place.

More than 100 jobs will be affected, including those involved in the printing and distribution of the paper, “and other products printed at the press building on Scott Street.”

The newsroom has also been impacted. The move to print out of Cleveland is expected to drastically impact deadlines at the News.

At the Greenville News, Spartanburg Herald-Journal and Anderson Independent Mail, we strive to reach readers in a variety of ways.

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 10, we are changing how we distribute the paper. We are partnering with the U.S. Postal Service for the delivery of our three Upstate SC publications. Each issue will be delivered by the postal service.

The Greenville News informs Gannett readers in northern South Carolina that their morning paper will be delivered sometime later in the day … or maybe the following day.

We know this shift will affect many of your morning routines since newspapers will arrive later. We appreciate your understanding and adapting to the change.

For those who are looking for local new news on the world wide web …

What is ‘pink slime’ journalism?

“Pink slime” journalism is named after a meat byproduct and describes outlets that publish poor quality reports that appear to be local news.

  • In the past decade, many local news sites have either gone out of business or are struggling to survive, and pink slime sites have replaced them.
  • These outlets claim to cover local and hyperlocal news, sometimes taking advantage of news deserts.

Annie Aguiar and Poynter offer a cautionary guide to fake local news.

A new month means a new Rob Tornoe cartoon at Editor & Publisher.

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  1. The Dayton Daily News shifted its printing operation to Indianapolis a few years ago. About two hours away. The deadlines are so early if much of anything happens after 6 p.m. you will not find it in the next morning’s paper. I call it the Dayton Day-old News.

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