2023 NCS Divisional Award Nominees for the 78th Annual NCS Reuben Awards!

The National Cartoonists Society has announced the finalists for their 2023 Reuben Divisional Awards.

The nominees in the 12 categories are…

Variety Entertainment = Kieran Castano; Chuck Dillon; Bob Weber, Jr.

Advertising/Product Illustration = Chuck Dillon; Sam Grinberg; Pashur House

Book Illustration = Landis Blair; Danesh Mohiuddin; Tom Richmond

Online Comics: Short Form = Sarah Anderson; Jim Benton; Dee Fish

Comic Book = Jesus Hervas; Kelly Phillips; Jay Stephens

Gag Cartoons = Tyson Cole; Dan Misdea; Benjamin Schwartz

Graphic Novel = Darrin Bell; Sarah Bollinger; Daniel Clowes

Magazine/Newspaper Illustration = Jason Chatfield; Nick Galifianakis; Johnny Sampson

Newspaper Comic Strips = Tauhid Bondia; Hector Cantu; Liniers

Online Comics: Long Form = Jason Chatfield; Evan Dahm; Brad Guigar

Editorial Cartoons = Michael de Adder; Ruben Bolling; Michael Ramirez

Newspaper Panels = Dave Blazek; Nick Galifianakis; Wayno

Winners will be announced at the 78th Annual Reuben Awards Dinner in San Diego, CA on August 23rd, 2024

feature image via Jason Chatfield

3 thoughts on “2023 NCS Divisional Award Nominees for the 78th Annual NCS Reuben Awards!

  1. Per the National Cartoonists Society “Variety Entertainment is defined as any newspaper, magazine, or online cartoon feature that contains puzzles, games, activities, trivia, history, or instruction.”
    This year’s nominees are Ripley’s Believe It or Not by Keiran Castano; Slylock Fox by Bob Weber, Jr.; and the various Highlights for Children pages by Chuck Dillon (Hidden Picture, That’s Silly).

    As I remember the NCS combined the Feature Animation and Television Animation categories a few years ago in the hope of increasing the odds of someone (anyone!) showing up to accept (or even acknowledge) the award after years of the animation industry ignoring them. It was a fruitless attempt. In 2022 the category was suspended.

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